Hauptman: Life is short, be kind to one another

Our editor Matt spoke to Hauptman who’s competing in this year’s EMA, singing Sledim.

Hi Hauptman. Congratulations on being chosen for EMA! How did you first get into music?

When I was in primary school I decided to quit Martial Arts and start studying music. In middle school I decided I want to be a musician, so I started studying jazz music.

How were you chosen for EMA?

I released my debut album “Finished, not perfect” a year ago and I guess the right people heard my music and encouraged me to apply.

What’s your song about?

The title “Sledim” means I follow. It is about a boy telling a girl that he follows her and he doesn’t really care where they’re headed. He trusts her completely and he knows as long as she is there with him, he is safe.

What inspires your music?

For now my inspiration comes from personal experience. Loving someone, getting hurt and doing it all over again. Besides that I also love playing piano and exploring the endless world of harmonic possibilities.

How will your song be staged?

Just me and my Fender Rhodes. I feel most comfortable sitting behind the piano, and I figured I want to show it to the viewers.

Are you a fan of Eurovision? When did you first start watching it?

I watched it a lot in high school. I remember I really liked the 2010 winner Lena – Satellites.


What’s been your favourite Slovenian song?

I would say my favourite SLO Eurovision song is “Sestre Samo ljubezen”, but best performance in my opinion goes to “Maja Keuc – No one”.

Anything about you that people may not know?

My number one bucket list goal is to spend the whole year where it’s always the summer.

What’s your favourite non Eurovision song?

Donny Hathaway – For all we know.


Thanks so much for your time. Do you have any messages for your fans?

Thank you for your questions. I do have a message, actually. Life is short, be kind to one another and listen to good music.

Thanks Hauptman. That’s some great advice! Wishing you the very best of luck in this year’s EMA!

You can hear Hauptman’s song below at 3:16:


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