Kalush Orchestra accused organisers of Vidbir for a fraud with the results!

Last night the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision 2022 took place and Alina Pash won the show after a troublesome voting. She received 8 points from the jury and 7 from the audience which placed her first with 15 points. Kalush Orchestra finished as the runner up of the show with 14 points after they got 6 points from the jury and 8 from the audience. That wouldn’t be a problem if everything went smooth but after the jury votes have been revealed by the judges themselves later on during the show the hosts of it Maria Efrosinina and Timur Miroshnichenko had a trouble to announce the results and even the scoreboard broke at one point. But that wasn’t all as Kalush Orchestra wanted to check the results after the show the door in front of them were closed.

During the announcement, presenter Timur Miroshnychenko was confused because he received an editorial error in reading a document where there were many numbers and numbers. This confusion did not apply to leading positions, everything was very clear. About the number of votes cast for one or another participant, I think we will be able to negotiate with a reputable audit company that has put its name on an independent count. I don’t think it will be a secret how many voted there. money from SMS or reduce their number. We guarantee that there was no interference in the calculations
Yaroslav Lodygin, UA:PBC board member and member of Jury

Kalush Orchestra stated to Ukrainian media that they believe the results of Vidbir 2022 were forged and they will file a suit to the court against the organisers.

When we wanted to check the results of the voting procedure, the door was closed in front of us. And the security guard held the door, after the door was opened, everyone ran away, all we could do was keep it. We want justice, just show us this result card and that’s all, it seems a very strange position. If everything was good there, there would be no such action. If everything is fair, it is shown immediately, but I did not think so. People are supporting us, you saw. I am sure that we won by a huge margin, you can’t imagine how many voted for us, all of Ukraine. There is a forgery.
Oleh Psyuk, lead of Kalush Orchestra

PWC Ukraine was the company in charge of processing the votes and their representative, Olena Volkova who oversaw results, confirmed their validity. UA:PBC will be publishing the full results of the voting in the upcoming days. The tiebreaker was the vote of the audience so if any acts got the same amount of points the one which audience supported with more points would win. You can check our interview with Kalush Orchestra HERE and watch the performance 0f “Stefania” by Kalush Orchestra below

What are your thoughts about Ukrainian national selection and the results? Do you think that everything went well or you support the decision of Kalush Orchestra? Let us know in the comments below and at our social media links!

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