LPS: Making music together is alot more enjoyable for us

Our Editor Matt spoke to LPS (Last Pizza Slice) who’ll be competing at the 2nd Semi final of the EMA this Saturday (12th February).

Hi guys. Congratulations on being chosen for EMA!

How did you first get into music?

Hello and thank you! We started playing instruments for numerous years in music school and then we met at our high school and all of us shared a passion for music. We believe that making music together is alot more enjoyable for us and also for our fans.

How were you chosen for EMA?

We applied for Ema freš with our song Disko and got through to the final. It was on the 28th January and we were one of the four winners that qualified to EMA this year. We wanted to show our music to other people and most importantly – show ourselves that we were able to write an amazing song while also having fun performing it.

What’s your song about?

Our song Disko is about emotions that we experience during discontent relationships and cheating. We still have good memories of our relationships even though it wasn’t a healthy experience. That’s why our main character in the song returns to the disco (“disko” in Slovene) which is a metaphor for routine, repetition.

What inspires your music?

Our music is inspired by everything that’s happening in our lives. We try to write lyrics that resonate to our fans with its relatability. We think of ourselves as a band of young aspiring musicians who are trying to figure out what kind of music they like and enjoy every second of it.

How will your song be staged?

It will be similar to our performance on Ema freš but we’ll adapt to the bigger stage. We think that the most important thing is that we have a good time when we are performing and try to stay true to ourselves.

Are you fan of Eurovision? When did you first start watching it?

Yes, we are big fans of Eurovision and we believe that it’s always a big day for us, especially this year. We have been watching Eurovision since we were seven, eight years old. Our pianist Žiga was even collecting CDs of Eurovision songs.

What’s your favourite Eurovision song?

We’d like to mention our top three songs of all time:

Amar Pelos Dois – Salvador Sobral,


Waterloo – ABBA

and Rise Like a Phoenix– Conchita Wurst.

Oh and we mustn’t forget about Disko 🙂

What’s been your favourite Slovenian song?

Definitely Samo ljubezen by Sestre in 2002.


The music was also written by Robert Pešut – Magnifico, one of our favourite Slovene singers. The song has a similar disco vibe so that’s probably why we like it so much.

What’s your favourite non Eurovision song?

Žiga Žvižej (piano): For Once in My Life – Stevie Wonder,

Filip Vidušin (vocals): Burn – Juice WRLD,

Mark Semeja (electric guitar): Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits),

Gašper Hlupič (drums): Orion (Jure Robežnik)

and Zala Velenšek (bass guitar): Nad mestom se dani (Jože Privšek).

Thanks so much for your time. Do you have any messages for your fans?

We love you and we hope that you will enjoy our performance. Thank you for your support.

Thanks guys. Wishing you the best of luck at the EMA!

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