Montenegro’s Vladana To Start Filming Her ESC Video at a ‘Secret Location’

This coming Monday, Montenegro‘s Eurovision 2022 representative Vladana will start filming her video for “Breathe” at an undisclosed location. Gojko Berkuljan has been awarded the task of directing the official video by Montenegrin broadcaster RTCG and it will be his first time working with Vladana, something he is looking forward to. The team working on recording the video is made up mostly of young artists from Montenegro. We can expect the premiere of the song and video at the beginning of March.

Vladana pointed out and added that the preparations for the video were long, but very creative and interesting. On working with director Gojko Berkuljan for the first time, Vladana said,

I didn’t know the director until now, but after the first meeting I realized that we have similar views on art and the world around us. I liked his concept. The theme of the song is ticklish and one must be very careful not to go into pathos. A more talented young director will surely succeed in that. […]  I expect this to be the best video that Montenegro has produced for Eurovision, not only visually, but also as a metaphorical story, which should awaken empathy in people and remind us how important it is never to lose our sense of responsibility towards our people, towards those dear to us, and the environment, and that the greatest of all values ​​is family.”

On his collaborative work with Vladana, director Gojko Berkuljan explained,

“We come to a solution together and I am extremely happy that from the first day there is an atmosphere of mutual trust. It’s a nice feeling when someone believes in you and your approach to work and I’m grateful to her for that, but I hope she didn’t make a mistake!”

He added that it is difficult to describe Vladana’s music video without it seeming confusing,

“We decided to approach the topic a little differently and communicate it through visually strong metaphorical elements. Playing with surreal elements, we will focus on just ‘breathing’, thus communicating directly with the title of the song. […] We will treat it as a space that lacks air and where one cannot ‘breathe in.’ The whole ambience will act as if it is frozen in time, with people and things slowly levitating in that airless and weightless space. We aim to make these situations act like ordinary moments from life, which are abruptly stopped and never resume. Everything should act as if those moments from life that are trapped in time slowly begin to crumble, dissipate, erode, and our heroine will stop that state of progressive decay by breaking the vacuum and breathing life.”

Montenegro last took part at Eurovision in 2019 when D-Mol did not qualify to the final. Let us know your expectations for Vladana and Montenegro at the 2022 Contest in Turin below or on our socials @escbubble !

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