Seann Miley Moore: “This is My Body! And I’ll Live and Love How I Want.”

Australia’s Pinoy pop-princess Seann Miley Moore took himself off to London where he was a finalist in X Factor UK in 2015. Seann has headlined on the UK/European Gay Pride Circuit, among an impressive list of appearances both in Europe and Australia, including The Voice AU in 2021. An embodiment of queer excellence, with a gorgeous sense of humour, Seann had a chat with ESC Bubble’s Cain about his body positive anthem, ‘My Body’

For people who aren’t familiar with ‘Seann Miley Moore’, how would you intro yourself?

GAY AF. Check me out on Instagram for all the GAY AF content.

For people who are familiar with you, what has their reaction been to you being involved with Eurovision – Australia Decides?

Many people know me from my standing ovation performance on X-Factor UK singing fabulous Freddy ‘The Show Must go On’. I think they always resonate with me because I put ALL of myself in that performance… unafraid, unapologetic, and as I said ‘I’ll give you everything’. Simon Cowell said ‘This kid’s a star!’

Tell us about your song, My Body… and will we get some trashy club remixes?

Oh yes! Let’s get that Mardi Gras remix ready baby, definitely! I’m all about a party remix, so any queer DJ’s out there, come holler!

To be honest, we took inspiration from euro trash sounds in the studio. This song is anthemic, but with a dance fabulous feel. Baby, we want life and happiness. To lift spirits! This is my body! And I’ll live and love how I want. As I sing at the end of the song, ‘I FEEL ALIVE!’

What visually fantastic feast are you planning for the Australia Decides stage?

I’m giving Seann Miley Moore. Period. It’ll be a nod to the Golden Age of musical theatre: Roxie Hart… Chicago… glamour, old world, classic classic CLASSIC… beauty beauty BEAUTY… body-ody-ody!

The song really is a power stance in who you are and your pride and letting the haters know I’m here, I am queer, get used to it! And for them to understand we are both the same… we are one race, the human race. ‘How can you judge my body, when all it does is keep us alive?’

We hope you give the gays what they want… because it’s a great time for LGBTQIA+ artists like yourself. What does it mean to be, and have queer representation in Australia, in 2022?

Baby, this performance is going to be #Gayrights! period. Why not have a 30m rainbow flag flying from your body-ody-ody!? … oh sh** did I just give away the creative?

All I want is for everyBODY to see nothing but pride on that stage…  Why not let your pride literally fly from your body-ody ody. I stand up there proud in my brownness, proud in my queerness and proud as an Australian. That’s what Eurovision is all about. PRIDE.

Who’ve been your LGBTIQ+ role models or mentors? 

Elaine Stritch. Period.

Also @mirasia. NAARM DJ icon. Look them up sis.

SMM with his Australia Decides outfit designer Brendan De La Hay at Sydney Mardi Gras 2022 / Photo: Cain Cooper

What was your coming out experience like? 

Supportive. Look at me now. Gosh the support from my friends, my family and musical theatre community and characters, i.e. Angel Dumott Schunard, gave me the strength to be me. The power of theatre!

It’s fabulous to see queerness in the mainstream being celebrated. Queens all over the world getting the stages we deserve. Queer excellence! But. these moments are because of our queer elders. They paved the way so we can walk in all our fabulous glory. Kisses my brothers and sisters. What a time we are in. The creativity, the colour. The joy and expression! Bold, brave and beautiful in our strong queer bodies.

How would you say you’ve evolved since being on the UK X-Factor in 2015? 

Ask my surgeon… #Botched #blessed #MYBODY

When did you become aware of the power of your voice, your body and how you should be using it?

Singing karaoke with my Filipino titas (aunties) at our family parties. Seeing these fierce woman in all their fabulous fashion, loud laughs and belting their karaoke power ballads really made me feel the power in all my body.

My karaoke pick would always be Mariah’s Hero or her other banger, Touch My Body.

What’s something that might surprise people about you?

I’m Serena Williams on the court. Baby look at my backhand. Ooft! I love me some tennis. Literally ‘serving’ Game Set Match. Let’s go! I’m ready!

How deep does your appreciation for Eurovision go? 

I can I say it in one word: ABBA.

Have you entertained the thought of winning, and actually representing Australia in Turin? 

Hell yes, look I’ve already won! And I have that mindset. I’ve already gotten gold because I am me, always me. I’m so happy with what I’m going to present. It’s 100% me, my vision, my creative, my message.

I’m excited and just want to emit all the joy and sunny energy into through your television screens. I know voting is in the hands of my Aussie brothers and sisters, so darls, you know who to pick baby! But, I’m ready for Italia! La Bella Vita and Aperol spritz’ for everyone!

Eurovision aside, what are your future plans?

Stay tuned. I’ll be doing a little collab with The Iconic and Lululemon. I also have new music on the way, expect some sexy soul disco vibes…

But all I can say is, thank you for your support. My queer little heart is bursting with pride. Australia is rich in its beauty and big body-ody-ody let me serve that to ITALIA, and let me bring home the gold!

Stay bold and brave and remember every-BODY is welcome in SMM world!

Will Seann take his body-ody-ody to Turin? You decide. 

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Eurovision – Australia Decides 2022 airs live and exclusively on SBS and SBS On Demand on Saturday 26 February (AEST).

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