Sigga, Beta and Elín: We are all human so let’s treat each other with kindness, love and respect

Our editor Matt spoke to Sigga, Beta and Elín who’ll be competing in this year’s Söngvakeppnin

How did you first get into music?

Our parents are musicians so we grew around alot of music. They’ve never interfered with our decision to become musicians, but they are our biggest inspiration and have always supported us. We believe it is in our blood. All of us really love singing, playing instruments and making music.

How were you chosen for Söngvakeppnin?

A very talented Icelandic musician called Lay Low asked us to sing a song that she composed for the contest and we respect her a great deal, both as a person and a musician, so we of course said yes.

What’s your song about?

We are going to direct this question to Lovísa aka Lay Low the songwriter:

During the winter months in Iceland we lose alot of daylight. Days get darker and longer and in the darkest winter months we only get sunlight a small part of the day. But from around December 20th the sun starts to come earlier and set later each day. We have the saying for this period for the sun as being “með hækkandi sól” that could translate to “with the sun getting higher each day”.

Originally it was written as a point of view from a 18th or 19th century Icelandic woman who was in ‘Vistarband’. The Icelandic Vistarband was a requirement that all landless people be employed on a farm. Poor people did not really have any control of their lives and were forced to work for others and live under their rule. But the lyrics can also be related to anyone in many and all sorts of situations. Seeing some hope with the sun getting higher and days getting warmer.

What inspires your music? If you are talking about this song in particular then the answer from Lay low is:

The music is inspired by many different kind of folk music, people’s stories, Icelandic history and nature.

If you are asking us personally then:

We have been inspired from all kind of musicians everything from RnB singers and musicians like Lauren Hill to country Singer-Song writers like Gillian Welsh. We are also inspired by Icelandic nature, poetry and just live in general.

How will you stage the song?

Sigga will be singing and playing an electric guitar. Beta is playing the bass and singing, and Elin is singing and playing the acoustic guitar. Our younger brother Eythor will be playing the drums. He is also a very talented musician. We are so happy to have him with us on stage. We will also have the talented singer Zöe with us doing backing vocals.

Are you fan of Eurovision? When did you first start watching it?

We have watched it since we were little girls. Our Mom participated twice in Söngvakeppnin when we were little. As kids Eurovision was a very special night for us. We would always have Eurovision parties and each one of us would have a favourite song that we rooted for (not always Iceland haha). We would also give each song a point and then compare it at the end. Later in life, during our party years, we would choose a song and each time that song would get over 6 points we would have to take a shot. Sigga chose Denmark in 2013 haha

Sounds like good fun 😉 What’s your favourite Eurovision song?

Waterloo with Abba is a song that we all really like even though none of us were born in 1974 when Abba won the contest. We also really liked the winning song of 2021, “Zitti e buoni” performed by Måneskin

What’s been your favourite Icelandic song?

From childhood we would say Línudans, a song our mom performed at Söngvakeppnin in 1989 and became second.

Then Nína, Iceland’s participant for Eurovision 1991, is always a classic.

We also really enjoyed Hatari and Daði the last years.

Is there anything about you that people may not know?

We are all educated in music , we sing and play instruments as well. We are in a band called Sisy Ey which consists of the three of us and a producer called Fridfinnur, aka Oculus. We mainly compose and preform house music.

It’s different scenery compared to the song we are performing in the Söngvakeppn, but we also have our solo careers. They tend to be more folk, indy driven, so we are not in a unknown territory.

What’s your favourite non Eurovision song?

Wow! We can not answer that question haha. There are so many songs we love, and it depends on our mood on that day which one is our favourite. Wwe really enjoy the new James Blake album Friends That Break Your Heart and the song Famous Last words is so beautiful.

Some random questions: Who’s the last person you messaged?

Beta: The family group chat on messenger, haha!

Sigga: my sisters, we have a chat

Elín: the sister chat, haha

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Beta: All people who are kind and help the ones in need.

Sigga: I agree with Beta. People that are humble, kind, who are respectful, and treat everyone equally. Those willing to step up and be a voice for those who need one.

Elín: I agree, people that follow their heart are kind to others, have the courage to be themselves.

Thanks so much for your time. Do you have any messages for your fans?

We are all human so let’s treat each other with kindness, love and respect

You can listen to the girls song below, and you can vote for your favourite act from Semi Final 1 of Söngvakeppnin beneath this:

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You can listen to all of the songs taking part in this years Söngvakeppnin by clicking here.

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