Supernova 2022 Final – running order and voting details revealed!

Last weekend, Latvian broadcaster LTV presented the live semi-final of their Eurovision selection process “Supernova” and from 17 fantastic performances, 10 finalists were chosen by a 50/50 split of jury vote and televote.

Further details of the Supernova final which will be taking place this Saturday, 12 February at the LTV studios in Riga have been revealed, and we have our running order!

  1. RAUM “Plans” 
  2. LINDA RUŠENIECE “Pay My Own Bills” 
  4. MIKS GALVANOVSKIS “I’m Just A Sinner” 
  5. BUJĀNS “He, She, You & Me” 
  6. ELĪNA GLUZUNOVA “Es pabiju tur” 
  7. CITI ZĒNI “Eat Your Salad” 
  8. INSPO “A Happy Place” 
  9. MĒS JŪS MĪLAM “Rich Itch” 
  10. AMINATA “I’m Letting You Go” 

LTV have announced details of special guest appearances as well, acknowledging that the evening of 12th February will see all three Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia choose their entries for the 66th Eurovision Song Contest being held in Turin in May 2022.

Celebrating that the Baltic States will elect representatives for Eurovision at the same time, the finalists of the Supernova competition will be entertained by guest artists: participants of last year’s Eurovision Song Contest – pop rock group “THE ROOP” from Lithuania and singer UKU SUVISTE from Estonia.

It would also appear that the televoting is to be unlimited for the Latvian public, stating that they will be able to call and send an unlimited number of text messages from one phone number to their favourite.  The televote, along with the jury vote, will decide the winner.  We have been advised that the jury consists of  representatives of the Latvian music industry, event industry and television, as well as foreign professionals. A full breakdown of the jury results and audience vote will be released after the Final.

LTV are also broadcasting a behind the scenes show called “Supernova Unofficial” which will be shown on the LTV youth platform Youtube channel 16+ and on the website LSM.  This show will be hosted by Nancy Garkalne and social media influence Armis J.

The Final of Supernova takes place at 20:05CET on Saturday February 12th and can be watched via the LTV website on channel LTV1.  There is also a sign language broadcast on the channel LTV7.

Join us at ESCBubble as we will be live blogging the event. And vote in our Poll for who YOU want to win the final and represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest in May!

Vote for YOUR favorites in the Final of Supernova 2022!
  • Aminata - I'm Letting You Go 22%, 302 votes
    302 votes 22%
    302 votes - 22% of all votes
  • Miks Galvanovskis - I'm Just A Sinner 17%, 226 votes
    226 votes 17%
    226 votes - 17% of all votes
  • Citi Zeni - Eat Your Salad 16%, 211 votes
    211 votes 16%
    211 votes - 16% of all votes
  • Bermudu Divsturis - Bad 11%, 150 votes
    150 votes 11%
    150 votes - 11% of all votes
  • Bujans - He, She, You And Me 9%, 118 votes
    118 votes 9%
    118 votes - 9% of all votes
  • Mes Jus Milam - Rich Itch 8%, 111 votes
    111 votes 8%
    111 votes - 8% of all votes
  • Elina Gluzunova - Es pabiju tur 4%, 58 votes
    58 votes 4%
    58 votes - 4% of all votes
  • Inspo - A Happy Place 4%, 53 votes
    53 votes 4%
    53 votes - 4% of all votes
  • Miks Dukurs - First Love 4%, 51 vote
    51 vote 4%
    51 vote - 4% of all votes
  • Raum - Plans 4%, 50 votes
    50 votes 4%
    50 votes - 4% of all votes
  • Linda Ruseniece - Pay My Own Bills 2%, 22 votes
    22 votes 2%
    22 votes - 2% of all votes
Total Votes: 1352
Voters: 874
February 5, 2022 - February 12, 2022
Voting is closed
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