Viktor: ‘I Have To Dominate When I Get on That Stage!’

Viktor Apostolovski is a singer/songwriter from North Macedonia and he’s competing in Za Evrosong 2022, in the hopes of carrying the North Macedonian flag into the Pala Alpitour in Turin in May. Recently, he was kind enough to give ESCBubble some of his time to chat about his career and his plans for Eurovision, should he be chosen. Viktor first gained notoraity in North Macedonia when he competed in Macedonian Idol in 2011.

Could Viktor get a ticket to Turin as an early birthday present this year? We’ll find out on Friday, 4th February! Until then, watch the highlights of our chat on YouTube, or browse the full transcript of our chat below to find out bits we couldn’t fit in the video!

In the meantime, citizens of North Macedonia can vote online for their favourite, and be sure to check out his entry ‘Superman’ for North Macedonia’s Za Evrosong!

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Dave: So how are things? Are you in Skopje?

Viktor: No, I’m actually in my hometown in Bitola. Okay. I got my studio here. I actually moved here before Corona Begay home because, you know, I was I was, we got this house, and it’s actually empty. Nobody’s here. It’s only my parents. Like, I have a I have another floor for me, but it’s Scopia pay rent. And then I was like, why would I pay rent? If nothing is working, you know, saying I’m staying at home and I’m paying rent for what? Yeah, so I was like, I’m gonna move back home. I’m invested that money in my studio. And that’s what I do me.

Dave: Yeah, it looks amazing. I love the lights. 

Viktor: Thank you, man. Yeah, I mean, this is actually a setup that I have. Because I’m renovating the the first floor. And this is like the setup until that floor is finished. So it kind of came up interesting. These are old doors, like, used somewhere and in I think in a courtroom or something. My father was helping people replace them. And then I was like, you know what, I could use those in my studio. So I’ve got them.

Dave: This must be the place you do those funny videos that you post to social media and YouTube.

Viktor: Yeah. This this is the place man, I got the lights going. I keep it simple. I try to keep it interesting and funny, but still keep it simple. Yeah, that’s, that’s a character I I like I invented this character called Rocky. And it’s actually somebody like it’s, it’s not it’s not specifically built by some person. But it’s more more of a generalization. I was like, I gotta do something about this is going to be funny. At least I’m gonna try so I made it. I made the first video and it came out great. And it had a really good feedback. So I was like, you know what, let’s do this. I have a few more few more characters in my mind, for after the competition or whatever, I’ll put on a few more characters and hopefully make something bigger.

Dave: Your English is incredible. You sound American. You’re a language teacher’s dream student!

Viktor: Yeah, I know. I’ve heard that a lot of times when people because because I’ve traveled throughout Europe and and perform. And people usually think I’m from the US. And everybody was like, Are you from Jersey or somewhere? Because we can’t really make your accent like, it’s not really New York, but it’s not really. You know, you got a little bit of Chicago in you. I don’t know, man. Where are you from? Like, I’m from Macedonia. They’re like, what? How long have you lived in the States? I was like, I’ve never been. I’ve never been in a country where they natively speak English. So I’ve picked  this up from movies and music. So I’m trying to imitate some people. You know, when you try to imitate Kevin Hart, for example, for so long, so I’ve listened to a lot of a lot of different styles of music. Rap being one of them. So when you try to do rap lyrics and and you get into it too much, you kind of get stuck with an accent. So but but I like it, I really like it and that I can confuse people that much. When I was growing up, we had a lot of Spanish soap operas out here. And we all picked up a little bit of Spanish so now when when, when the Latin music became popular, I had no problem singing that because, like, you already have the bass from somewhere like it comes subconsciously. So muchas gracias. Thank you so much.

Dave: Do you speak any other languages?

Viktor: I actually have Italian like, I’ve studied Italian when I was in high school, because I had like opera singing as a as a main class. So I had to study Italian. But now I have to, I have to, you know, get back there and work some things out in case I go over there. So you know, cuz I can, I can get some Italian back to me because I forgot it all.

Dave: What types of music do you prefer to make?

Viktor: Yeah, I mean, yeah, I’ve made a lot of different types of music over the years. And what people don’t know is that I usually make music for theatres and short movies and stuff. And I’m kind of more busy busy with that. And I’m collaborating with a lot of people from from overseas. So last year, I didn’t really have time to make a lot of music. But I did make one in one night. And that was, it’s called mine. It’s it’s an English song. And it was for a competition that a producer made from Phoenix. And shout out to Freezy he made a contest and I and I had no time to enter it because I had so many at the time, I have videos to do edit, because I do that also, I shoot videos, I had to like have like 40 events in 10 days project. So I had to shoot all that and edit all that and it was crazy. And I was the last day of the competition. I was like, you what people got like, let’s let’s hear the song that I heard the songs and I was like, Well, I gotta do this now. Because like, I mean, if they had some great songs, but I know I can do this. I know I can. I know I can get something out of this. So I took one of his beats that he posted he had 10 beats like you you got to choose one and make the music. I mean, make the song and decode it and shoot a one shot video. And I did all that in hours and I recorded the song have had a girl come over, shot the video back that old thing up and send it like five minutes before the competition And I ended up I ended up getting the second place. So it was it was really it was really a nice experience for me is proving to myself that I can do this in one night. It’s a crazy thing.

Dave: Why did you decide this year to submit a song to Za Evrosong this year?

Viktor: But anyways, man, I like your vision is always been a dream. I’m, I’m gonna be 31 years old. And on the 12th of February right now. So like, I’ve grew up with your vision. And enough seeing all of all of Macedonia’s contests, there’s so far I know most of them personally. And like, it’s, it’s always been a dream, it’s always been a place where I would, I would like to go. And I would like to get on this stage and try to dominate it. Because that’s, that’s like, I mean, I have a passion for music and everything, they got something to do with music. So if I see an instrument, I have to play it. But if I you know, if I have an opportunity to shoot a video for music, song, whatever, whatever, I, I try to do it the best I can. And I really have a passion for for stages, like I have to dominate when I get on that stage. It’s like, I was waiting my whole life to get there. And I have to press this. Like, that’s how I feel like. For example, when I see myself in the mirror back at home, like I don’t see nothing special. I’ve never seen anything special. Like, I’ve never liked how I sound or how I look or whatever. I’ve never set up that sh!t, ever. But when I get on this stage, I’m always like, I’m a different person, like I get on the stage and the beast comes out. And that’s what I really love. Because people always say like, Hey, man, you kind of differ when you go on that stage. And I’m like, Yeah, that’s the point. Because if you don’t go there and try to try to give everything you have every every ounce of you like, what’s the point? Yes, yeah. So it’s something like it’s one of the biggest stages in the world, maybe even the biggest so I would really love to, you know, go out there and express myself. And I think I think this year we really got the song. I wasn’t planning on going. I really wasn’t planning on going this year because I had a few songs ready. But I don’t know I was just not like, I guess the songs weren’t right. I don’t know what it was, but I was like, You know what, I’m gonna stay out of it out of it this year. I’m gonna focus myself on other things. But then Vladimir called me and he was like, man, I have a crazy song. I need somebody crazy. And the only guy thought of was you. And I was like, yeah, thank you, bro. I really I really appreciate it, you know. Brah I really like being in a crazy section. So I went there to this studio, and I told them I was like, Hey, man, I don’t really I don’t know if I should go, you know, I don’t I don’t really feel it this year. And he was like, listen to this, and he played the beat. And I immediately started you know, vibing with it. So he showed me the lyrics even though he doesn’t speak English. He he wrote some some lyrics. Like with words that are international, so everybody could understand. And his English was all wrong. So I sat down, read, redid the lyrics fixed everything up. And I started vibing with it. I was like, Okay, turn the microphone on. And he turned it on. I got in there. We had it in 10, 15 minutes. And it was crazy man, we was like we should should we send it? I was like, hell yeah. Send it to me first. So I can mix it a little bit. And then we send it in. So we send it the last day. And it was it was amazing man of feeling that song gives even old people like my grandfather is 99 right now. So he heard the song and he was like, you don’t even I mean, he plays the clarinet. Like he is a musician, but he doesn’t understand these types of music. But he was vibing with it. Like that’s, that’s how the beat goes. So I was like, Okay, this is good. This is good. So I had to get on there. And I really I’m really happy that they chose me in the six man, because I really didn’t think I was going to enter because there’s a lot of people a lot of great talents, man. And I was like, to be honest, I really didn’t expect people to understand the meaning of the song in the vibe that we’re trying to get out there. But I’m really glad that they did.

Dave: That’s incredible because North Macedonia doesn’t do a show every year. Sometimes they just pick internally.

Viktor: Yeah, but you know, like, people are so focused on sending a good singer out there. Like all of the people that showed up on the show. They’re all good singers. Like, you can always send a good singer. But I feel like your vision is more of a show. Like, it’s not only the singing, you have to you have to own the stage for those three minutes. You have to, you have to make people feel what you got to say. So you can’t always get there with singing like, Tamara Todevska was great, like crazy, she’s one of the best singers I know. So she came on stage and she sang the song. And he had deep meaning. And people felt that. And that’s cool. But you can’t do it every, you know, I’m saying so you have to you have to reinvent the things and you have to try to push a different energy every time so you know, people can see all your aspects. At least that’s what I think. So I really hope we get this this year, man because it’s a crazy song. It’s a really simple, crazy song that everybody will think if it gets to Eurovision, I promise you is going to be played everywhere. Because that’s just how the song goes. Is this crazy?

Dave: You’ve got a lot of musicians in your family, and growing up you did acting as well and you were an an athlete. So why in the end did you settle on becoming a musician?

Viktor: I was really, really, amused by that question. I was like, How does he know? Like, where do you find that out? I don’t I don’t really write that thing everywhere. Like in all the bios in my own my pages. I’m like, you know, singer, producer, whatever they say. But yeah, I’ve done I’ve done it all. Technically, like I did sports. I did. And I was I was pretty good. I was like, I was competing. I was swimming. I was competing in basketball. We won some championships. Like, I was acting in the National Theatre in my city for a few years before I went to university. And it was all great. And I had like, a lot of people telling me like, go to acting school, go do sports or whatever. But at the end of the day, it was all because of music. I didn’t get into acting because I wanted to excel. I mean, I do, I really want but that’s not the reason I got into it actually got into it through a through choir, like they needed a choir for something. And we had a choir of like a private choir 20 people, and we did a show for them and, and I had some solo acts, and they were like, Okay, you should get into into this show. And this show and into that show. I was like, okay, cool. And that’s how that’s how I started acting and singing at the same time. And it was, it was pretty good man. I really liked that part of the profession, like shooting videos acting like acting on stages and stuff. But when it came to choosing a university, I was like, music. I’ve been studying music all my life. I sat down, I thought about it. And I don’t know, like sports in Macedonia are not really, or they weren’t back in the day, they weren’t really paying off. Like, I had, yeah, I played like a youth league. And we won like two championships, and we still had to pay for things. Like, that’s, that’s how bad things were. And at some point, I was the captain of the team at a point. And people were like, you know, they were setting up matches and stuff. And all the blame was put on the captain. Like coaches that set up matches had nothing to do with it. Sponsors came down, which we got nothing from like, people just paid off the coach. And that;s it, that’s a sponsorship. We didn’t get anything out of it. And they were like, Okay, you the captain, what was wrong with the game? I was like, well, first of all play like, three minutes the whole game. What was that? Like? That’s the coach’s decision that’s not mine. So go yell at the coach. And they were like all yelling at me and stuff. And it was crazy man, the coach was doing some some shady sh!t. And at one point, I was like, I just got my my jersey off. And I threw in the coaches face and I was like, okay, bro, find yourself a new captain. I’m done. I don’t, I don’t have time for this but it’s like, if you intentionally want to sink this team down then go ahead and do it. I’m not going to take the blame for that, because there were really great players, especially in that second team that I played on, wonderful players, but they weren’t they weren’t getting any time because the sponsors’ kids have been placed. You know, it’s messed up man. It’s a small country and we have a lot of setups over here. So that’s one of the reasons I really didn’t want to, because even in acting school like they take a few people every two years not you can’t go every year so I had to wait a year and then I might have not got in because somebody’s kid was supposed to get in. But with music I already had like one like three or four state championships with singing and what not and I was with the choir so we won’t like to first prices in international competitions in Poland and Italy and whatnot. So like, I already had the background and I already had the perfect record in the high school music high school. So they could not pass me by like they couldn’t pass on me. So I was like, You know what? Music is the way to do it. Like that’s that’s always been a dream. So I was like everything else should come later. It becomes and if nothing if not is cool because I already work what I’m doing. Or I already love what I do.

Dave: That’s cool! Well, maybe your Eurovision journey was kind of destiny because when you did Macedonian Idol, over 10 years ago now,one of the judges was Kaliopi. Right? Who went on to do Eurovision twice. So what was that experience like and working with her and just going through the whole competition process?

Viktor: Well, it was, it was some crazy time, man. When I tell people about this, they they don’t, they don’t usually believe it. Because the show at that time sounded really good on TV. And people like, you probably have a lot of time to practice and everything. And I was like, Nope, because the TV that the show was on, had some beef with the government that we had a back then, so the government shuts down the TV. And, like, it cuts all the programs, except the music idol. And some Turkish soap operas or something. And, and it was crazy because the TV had no money, other than the money that they that they got from Idol, right. So we had to do commercials 24/7 like we done commercials from Monday to Friday. And then we had a rehearsal on Saturday. We got the songs, Thursday or Friday, whatever. And then we had one rehearsal on Saturday. And then they had to rent the whole studio to the Albanian millionaire quiz. So so they get it so they can make some more money on Sunday’s and then on Monday were the nights when we sang. So it was it was messed up, man, we only have one one, like, real rehearsal on the stage. And it was all so quick. And so like, we struggled every day to keep up with it, because we lost a lot of weight. Because we were shooting like seven or eight videos a day. For sponsors, which we got nothing from again. If you can take all the money, why not take that’s how that’s how people work around here. But I understand that because really, the TV had all the all their accounts were frozen and everything. So it was it was a messed up time for them. And after Idol finished the next day, they closed the TV complete. The government closed it all complete. So yeah, it was messy. And we were kids, man. I was 19 years old. And it was literally a lifetime ago. And I was so young. I wasn’t ready for no gala nights for nothing. I was so chill. Sometimes I didn’t even know the lyrics, right. That’s how chill I was, like, people thought I was, you know, because of my energy. Like I, when I get in front of cameras, and in front of people, I get excited, and my energy starts to glow a lot. So a lot of people thought I was arrogant or whatever. And then when they meet me, they’re like, Hey, man, you kind of different now. Yeah, of course. It’s cameras, the lights hit you and you start talking like I talk now. I just don’t stop. So yeah, it was it was a crazy time, man. And like when I hear some of those, some of the shows, I’m like, how could I allow myself to sound like it wasn’t going on. But I mean, I understand it because I was a kid. And I really didn’t care because I already had four profiles on Facebook at the time. There was no follow options. There was no Instagram or nothing. And or maybe it was Instagram, but it wasn’t famous in our country. I still had like a phone with the buttons on it. So no internet. And so I was like, it was it was a crazy time. It was a crazy time. But I’m really glad it happened, man because it technically is one of the reasons that I am the way I am today. So it’s been a great experience. And especially with TVs and especially with the no money situation it was it was so great to learn all those things that after that I had no problem with anything. So it was it was good.

Dave: Are they the ones by the way that made you do the commercial for the condoms for Durex?

Viktor: No, no, that was actually yeah, that was that was a friend, a peer friend of mine like he was he was doing some commercial With with Jana which was on Eurovision like 2017, I think. And she also sang on the Macedonian Idol. So he was doing some some, some commercials or something they hurt. And then he was like, You know what, we should do something with you and we did something else. And then he was like, Look, I have this opportunity. It’s a world worldwide brand and blah, blah, blah. And he didn’t tell me who it was I was like, Okay, let’s do this. And then we went on a meeting and I was like, Okay, this is different, it’s definitely because we are a small country, and like, people really don’t have the views of the world over some things. So it’s kind of it was kind of difficult for my people to get accustomed to see me on all those commercials and stuff. It was it was funny to me to like, you see a billboard with me showing like 20 centimeters or whatever. Oh, that was crazy, man. But I was I was, I was actually teaching kids like, classes in schools to kids on how to protect themselves or whatever. And it was it was it was funny. It was crazy. It really is important, though. Because kids nowadays don’t know. You can get everything online, but nobody’s looking. Because everybody thinks they know it all. You know, unless somebody tells you something. You really might not ever read it because you know, it’s not  in your interest at the moment. It was it was a cool time. It was a good time.

Dave: A couple of years ago you released ‘Kill Me’ (Ubij Me) and for the video you got beaten up by Victoria Varadinova, who is an actual champion kickboxer! So why did you decide to let her you know, beat you up for the video?

Viktor: Well, the song was originally made for a friend of mine, like he told me what’s going on in his life. I just it got me thinking and I wrote it. And then he was late. He called me crying. He was like, You got to release this release. So I had to do it. And then I was I was thinking about a video and she’s, she’s a friend of mine. She’s a good friend of mine. And I was like, Hey, listen, when are you going to be training because I need to shoot something and, and I told him the idea and she was like, Well, I don’t know. I’m scared. I might hurt you. I was like, Hey, I come from the ghetto. Like, don’t worry about it. And when we got to the shooting, he was she was hitting like I’m scared. I was like, hey. I give you the permission to try to hit me, you know, I’m saying we got to make this look real. Like I connect, but let’s make it as real as possible because I don’t want to you know, I don’t want it to look amateur. And then accidentally, she was kicking up legs and everything. She caught me on a on the cheek. And I acted on it. Of course I it wasn’t that hard of a blow. But it looked like it was because I gave a little bit of emotion to it. And she was like, oh, no, I’m sorry. I’m like, it’s cool. Don’t worry about it. It’s all good. Yeah. And then she hit me a few more times with the gloves. And she was like, oh, man, I’m so sorry. Like I’ve I really grew up in a messed up neighborhood. So I know how it is. Like I’ve been hit before. This is not a I mean, not in the face. But still. I’ve be working hard labor all my life. So I can I can take a few punches. No big deal. So yeah, she’s the first actually male or female did it that’s ever hit me in the face with the leg nonetheless. So it was it was cool. It was cool.

Dave: Do you have any ideas of what you would like the Eurovision stage to look like?

Viktor: Man, well, I have a lot of ideas. I don’t know how they all go with, with the people responsible for all that but because I usually my ideas are usually, you know, out there a little bit, speaking in my country mindset, but since we talking about the Eurovision man, I would really like to have the opportunity to, you know express myself, I would really like to have a big stage. And I would really like to have, I saw a lot of new details this last few years, like billboards and stuff like effects on the floor and on the sky and everywhere. So it was all of that I would really love to have all of that and just use it because this song, I mean, you’re going to hear the song tomorrow is called Superman. And it’s like, in a few cases that it represents the comic books, and I would really love to recreate some of the old school magic and try to bring something new to it and mix that all thing up and try to come up with something really nice. What I do know is that I will not stop on that stage because is a really like groovy song. It moves fast. And we recorded we we shot like lyrics videos for it. And they told me not to jump because I was getting out of the frame all the time. And I just couldn’t stop like I was always jumping. I was putting my head down while I was jumping. So he just you know, stays in the frame. But yeah, man, it’s it’s that kind of a song and I really I would, you know, I would I would tear it up if I got there because when I get on stage, I just I just lose it. I just go off all off. So if I have the opportunity to get there. I would definitely jump that stage off like a million times in so it’s gonna be it’s gonna be really good.

Dave: So people are gonna be dancing in the arena?

Viktor: Oh, sure. Like if I don’t make people dance, I don’t I don’t even know if it’s going if it’s going to allow for people to come in because of COVID. But if there are people and I don’t make them dance, then I didn’t do a really good job, but I mean this song, even if I don’t do sh!t, I think this song is gonna, you know, bring them up and and make them dance because it’s that kind of a song just, you’re gonna hear you’re gonna hear. It might it might sound funny in the beginning, but you’re gonna get the message. It’s not my song. So I’m allowed to say is really good.So you know, I wrote the lyrics part of them.

Dave: Fair enough. So what do you like to do when you’re not working at your music? Do you have any hobbies or activities that keep you busy?

Viktor: Well, well, yeah. I mean, I’ll train every day. Like, I’m not saying, I never practicing, which is a big mistake, but I’m just lazy. I mean, I’m, uh, usually, the only thing I’m not lazy about is talking, as you can hear. But yeah, I mean, in real life, I’m really lazy. The only thing keeping me moving is that I love my job. And I love life. And I love music. And when you when you work with love, no matter how lazy you are, at one point, in the day, at least, you’re going to want to do something about this. You know, it keeps you who you are, it makes you who you are. But music aside, I train every day I, when I’m home, when I’m not going to the gym, I’m doing push ups and stuff. I have like barbells, or some sh!t. And like I’m practicing at least once a day, every day, except for the holidays, winter holidays, that’s when I eat a lot, actually, that’s the reason I train because if I train all year, I have to eat. I want to love eating. So I allow myself throughout the winter holidays to eat a lot. And you know, just feed my soul. So after that I can, you know, focus on training again and keep my my my food healthy.

Dave: So you try and and gym and then you eat. So you bulk. And then you cut again.

Vikor: Yeah, something like that. Yes. Lately, I don’t really, I don’t really give that much of a, you know, some people are really focused on it. Like, I’m going to do this, then I’m going to take that. And you know, I have to practice I have to do cardio, I have to I don’t pay that much money to it. But I have to practice because if I don’t like I gain weight really fast. And other than that, it’s like a It’s not an obsession, but it’s kind of a like a habit. It’s kind of like a habit that I have in the day. And if if I miss training, I really can’t sleep at night, not because I’m thinking about the training, but because I have too much energy. So I really, I’m actually an energetic, lazy person, if it’s possible at all. I have the energy. I mean, I can’t even explain this. I don’t drink I don’t smoke. I don’t do anything. Like I’m really strict as above those things, but I don’t know where I get my energy. It used to be because of the sugar but I don’t I try not to eat too much sugar right now. So I still have the energy, I don’t know where it where it comes from, I guess from the love of music and everything it might but if I if I don’t use up my energy today, then I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight and then I’m going to be messed up tomorrow. So it’s kind of it’s kind of a process of mine, where I’ll let everything go physically. And then I can spend my emotions at night making my music or whatever so you know, it’s kind of a habit like I said that i did I’ve done also. I also do all kinds of sports man and I do some acting I do some some commercials. I make Rocky look good. And the Rocky videos brought me a lot of commercials on Tik Tok and stuff so yeah, I do I technically like people are people don’t realize how much work needs to be put in a video. So you know, they’re like, it’s nice, man. You record videos. It’s so easy for you. Yeah. Come with me. And I’ll show you how easy is it? I mean, yeah, I can sure I can. I can make the video faster, but it’s not going to look that good. So you know you have to repeat what you said a million times to get it right and get in the zone, actually and pull it off. And then new ideas come to you. And then you’re like, oh, no, I should do this this way, and then you redo it. And it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy, man, but I really love it. I really love making those videos and everything I do. I don’t like doing things that I don’t like. So I’ve worked everything in life, I work construction and everything I have helped my father out since I was 10 years old. And, and I love working. I could work anything right now. I don’t, I don’t mind working anything. But it’s really nice when you work what you love. So you know, I’m trying to stay in my lane and do what I love and keep being happy. It’s awesome.

Dave: You said earlier too, that you watch Eurovision. You’ve grown up with it. So do you have a favorite song or a favorite memory? Maybe of the contest?

Viktor: Oh, well, there’s a lot of a lot of great songs a lot of great songs like Tamara’s song was was was crazy good. I’m gonna say it again. It was really and she made a big success. Like she was second. Yeah, so that that was that was amazing. Yeah, it’s it’s a great thing. It’s a it’s a big success. And there’s a lot of a lot of great songs back in the day. Like I can still remember the Greek song that won ‘You are the one, you’re my number one’. I remember Ukraine with ‘Wild Dances’. Yeah that was that was a good one too. ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ I remember, ‘Euphoria’ from Sweden. That was a great song. A lot of great songs. A lot of great. I mean, I don’t, I don’t remember the names of all of them. I also really, really like the dude from Portugal. I don’t know his name. I can’t say his song because it was all Portuguese. But I still remember the emotion that he brought to the stage. And that was amazing. Like, I literally wrote on Facebook. Like I don’t understand a word he says. But I understand. That’s how good his emotion was. So yes, a lot of a lot of fun. A lot of good memories.

Dave: So if we add ‘Superman’ to that list, to the Eurovision list, if you go, what would what would it mean to you as a Macedonian to represent your own country?

Viktor: Look, man, like I first of all, your vision is a dream. And it will mean the world to me if I could represent our country. I don’t I really, I haven’t thought this thought this through at all. Because I still am up in the back of my head. I’m still thinking if it’s possible for me to go, but I would really, really, really give my all if I get the chance. And it would mean the world to me. And it would definitely, I would, I would literally try my best to bring Eurovision to our country. Because it’s time, I think it’s time and like we have to be, we have to bring Eurovision, at least at least once in this few years. Macedonia, because, you know, we have we have a lot of talents. And we’ve been closed with some people. And I think that if Superman goes it has the chance. Because it’s, I mean, it doesn’t mean if it’s party song, and people are going to take it. I mean, I haven’t heard the other countries songs yet. But um, I really, I really I really appreciate Vladimir for making this type of song. And for choosing me and I really think that he managed to see the vibe that I have. And he managed to calculate that I could bring this song up. And I think it’s a really really good vibe matching. I don’t know, man, I just feel it. I can feel it on the stage right now. As a speaker. That’s why I’m stopping so much. I can see myself on the stage just jumping and being crazy as I am. And that and it’s an amazing feeling right now. I can’t even I can’t even imagine what’s gonna be I get, you know, it will be it will mean a lot.

Dave: Any big plans, any new songs or albums in the works after Za Evrosong?

Viktor: Yeah, man, I have like, like three songs already done. And they’ve been done for like, almost two years now and I, I just can’t get the time to finish them, or to shoot the videos for someone. So I was I was actually, I was trying to shoot a video for one of them at this period. But the competition happened. So I was chosen, and I was like, I put that on hold. So whatever happens here, if I don’t get chosen, or whatever, I would definitely go on, uh, probably, first of all, I’ll probably shoot a video for Superman. Which should be crazy, because it’s a crazy song, I don’t know what I’m going to do. But it’s, I got to make something crazy about it. And then I’m gonna shoot videos for all the other songs, which are all kind of different in a style, but they all represent a different part of me, in a way so it’s, it’s gonna be interesting, man, the album should be out. It should have been out like two years ago, but like I said, I just can’t get around his song. So it should be by September – the Macedonian album. But um, I have I have a lot of English songs that I haven’t recorded yet. And they’re written like, ages, they just sit there, because I needed something like this to, you know, to break off a little bit outside the country, I had different plans in 2019 and 2020. I had like, a lot of shows from Barcelona to Stavanger, Norway. And like, it should have been a great year, but COVID happened. So all of my plans, all my bookings, and everything just fell off. And I was I was gonna make some some English music, then I was going to record some sh!t because I was going to meet some people, but it didn’t happen. So now I hopefully get the chance to, to get in with the with the Superman song and then spread some more music some, maybe if I can say deeper music, I mean, it’s not that this this one is shallow, but it will be perceived like that. And in the beginning, before people get the message of the song. But I would really like I think I have a lot to say, I don’t know, I feel like I have a lot to say. And I have a lot of feelings that I want to get out there. And I hopefully get the chance to do it.

Dave: So thank you been very generous with your time. So thank you so much for this. Do you have any thoughts or final message? Or maybe why people should vote for Superman?

Viktor: What well, to be honest, I really think that people should vote about whoever they think is is the best choice. It doesn’t mean that if it’s my sound that I that is the best choice in the world. But again, I haven’t heard the other song. So but I know that people I respect him. And I think they will have some great submissions. And I just I just hope that people get to hear all of them. Get their honest opinion and vote for it. Because there are a lot of people nowadays saying that we should not go to Eurovision and stuff because you know the country… we have some financial struggles and everything. And people are like, we should use that money for something else or whatever. I don’t even know what money they talking about. It’s okay. And so I just hope that people get the chance to listen to all the songs and make a decision and choose the best one they think they is. And hopefully they want to Superman. I don’t know, like, I really like that. I really appreciate that. And if not, then we cool like, we’re gonna have a lot of other opportunities. It’s not like I’m going to stop making music anytime soon, it’s my life so I’ll probably be like my grandfather, like 99 years old and still playing or singing or whatever. So yeah, I’m cool.

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