Michael Ben David’s “I.M” revamped behind the backs of the authors, music video released!

On 5th of February in the final of X Factor Israel, Michael Ben David emerged as the winner and it has been decided that he will be the one to wave the flag of Israel in Turin. Today the official music video as well as the revamped version of it have been released, as the Israeli portal euromix reports the Eurovision version of “I.M” was produced without the knowledge of the authors of the song.

The song “I.M” has been created by Chen Aharoni, Lidor Saadia and Asi Tal. Chen was the 4th placed artist at the Israeli national selection in 2011 with “Or“, while Asi Tal ended on 3rd place back in 2013 with “Toda La Noche”. As euromix wrote, the entertainment correspondent of Israel Today, Eran Swissa revealed earlier today on Instagram that the authors of “I.M” Chen Aharoni, Lidor Saadia and Asi Tal worked on a Eurovision version of the song and even got a budget from the broadcaster which was subject to a contract which they signed. They worked for a few weeks, but a day before the end of their work it was announced that a music producer from abroad has also worked on the new version of “I.M” and that his version has been selected to be performed at Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The composers of the song that will be performed by Michael Ben-David at the Eurovision Song Contest, Chen Aharoni and Lidor Saadia, were dropped from the production of the new version of the song and were not even invited to the launch event of the song, which will take place today (Monday). This is what their associates claim. As every year, this year too the Eurovision provides headlines even before it started. This time on the rage episode of the creators of the song “I.M”. “Already a moment after the win, they felt the contempt for them,” says a source in the production. “They knew the song needed to be upgraded and they had a vision of what it should look like, but very quickly they realized it probably wouldn’t happen. At first they were given a budget to remake, and they worked on it, and after a few weeks of work – a day before they finished – they were informed They chose another remake that they worked on behind their backs. ” According to the source, “They were later informed that they were not part of the official Eurovision delegation and that if they wanted to get to the competition – they would have to fund the flight and the stay themselves. The whole attitude towards the creators is shameful. “They were not allowed to take part and express their opinions in any artistic decision related to singing and performing at the Eurovision Song Contest.” He also said that Aharoni and Saadia found out about the launch of the new version of the song from the media, without being invited, “and that was the final stamp for everything they thought. They decided to release and they also do not plan to fly for the competition.” The Zavik Dror Ministry of Public Relations stated that “as every year until the eve of the competition, there are improvements to bring the song and the performance to the best place. This is to increase the chances of winning the competition and representing Israel in the best way. The song and with its performance. ” what do you think?
Eran Swissa on his Instagram

It has been announced that the artistic director of the Israeli performance will be Marvin Dietmann. The music video has been produced with Yoav Gross productions which is one of the largest production companies in Israel. Michael will be performing in the first half of the second semi-final scheduled for 12th of May. You can check out the music video of his Eurovision 2022 entry “I.M” below:

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