Suncity & Sanna: “We thought it would be cool to have us, two female artists together presenting this message!”

Tonight Iceland will have the second semi-final of Söngvakeppnin 2022 and ahead of the show, we got the chance to catch up with the duo Sunicty & Sanna Martinez, who are competing in tonight’s semi-final with the song “Keep It Cool”, or in Icelandic “Hækkum í botn”.

Hello Suncity & Sanna! Welcome to ESCBubble, we are so excited to find out more about the two of you and especially your participation at this year’s Söngvakeppnin!
First of all, would you like to briefly introduce yourselves to our readers?
Hi ESCBubble and thanks for having us! I’m Sanna Martinez I’m a Swedish artist and songwriter. I come from a musical background, my family are in the music industry and I’ve been singing almost my whole life and participated in many different competitions. Later I found it so interesting to create music so I started to write songs, which then led to me applying for songwriting schools which I graduated from, Dreamhill Music Academy and Musikmakarna in Sweden. Today I’m writing songs for other artists as well as for myself. I really love performing, dancing and sing out my heart with a meaningful message.

And I’m Suncity, an Icelandic Artist, activist and Tv-personality. I have many different jobs, except from the music I recently launched a tv series in Iceland, I’ve written two books and gonna start on my third after Söngvakeppnin and I’m helping teenagers talking about sexual
harassment, I really like to do a lot of things at the same time, as long as I’m passionated about it. I wanna do more music and perform more in the future.

You have both been performing and releasing songs solo before – what made you come together as a duo?
Yes, we are two separate artist and we decided to do a duet on this song. Like an artist collaboration. Through mutual contacts we found each other and wanted to do something together. It’s nice to do this as a team, you share the experience with someone else! We thought it would be cool to have us, two female artists together presenting this message.

Why have you decided to enter Söngvakeppnin 2022?
We’ve always loved this kind of competitions and been following Eurovision since we were kids. Sanna had a song in Söngvakeppnin in 2020 as a songwriter and Suncity performed in Söngvakeppnin in 2018. We are very happy to do this again and together.

What is your song ‘Hækkum í botn’ or ‘Keep It Cool’ about ?
This song is about knowing your value and stand up for yourself. Let go of all your bad thoughts and emotions and just Keep it cool or Hækkum í botn! We really hope that people will do that and are ready to dance 😉

– It was inspired by an experience I went through with a guy and then I learned how to really love myself / Sanna

Sanna, you wrote the lyrics for the English version – do you feel more connected to that version of the song?
In some ways, yes, cause it started with that and I really opened up my heart about this guy, but I wrote the melodies so I’m connected to that too and I think the Icelandic version is so beautiful and even though I don’t understand all the words I feel drawn to the Icelandic language.

In case you win Söngvakeppnin, which version would you prefer to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest?
English, cause more people would understand what we sing

Speaking of Eurovision, do you consider yourselves fans?
We are absolutely big fans of Eurovision! It’s such a big competition and it’s so interesting to see all the different countries performing with their songs. We all come together which is lovely to see!

What would it mean to you, to be selected by the Icelandic audience as their representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022?
That would mean everything, we both really wanna do this and we’re gonna do our best for the Icelandic people, we really hope they trust us to do this

Can you give us a taste on the stage show can we expect from you?
There will be some dancing and good vibes 😉

What do you think will be your biggest challenge at Söngvakeppnin?
For me, Sanna it’s to sing in Icelandic since I don’t speak it. It’s a hard but a fun challenge. But overall we both think it’s gonna be so much fun and we’re trying to think of it as a gig instead of a competition

Finally, do you have a message to our readers from all around the world?
We hope that this song will help people all around the world, if they can relate to the message we wanna remind people that everyone is worth the best in life, follow your dream and be proud of yourself!

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us! We cannot wait to see your performance at Söngvakeppnin 2022! In the name of the entire ESCBubble Team, I wish the two of you the best of luck for the competition and all your upcoming projects!
Thank you so much

Listen to “Keep It Cool” by Suncity & Sanna Martinez here!

If you want to support the two girls, make sure to vote for them in our poll for Söngvakeppnin 2022!

Vote for your favorite in the second semi final of Söngvakeppnin 2022!
  • Reykjavikurdaetur – Tökum af stað 40%, 304 votes
    304 votes 40%
    304 votes - 40% of all votes
  • Katla – Þaðan af 35%, 266 votes
    266 votes 35%
    266 votes - 35% of all votes
  • Suncity and Sanna – Hækkum í botn 13%, 102 votes
    102 votes 13%
    102 votes - 13% of all votes
  • Markéta Irglová – Mögulegt 8%, 60 votes
    60 votes 8%
    60 votes - 8% of all votes
  • Hanna Mia and the Astrotourists – Séns með þér 4%, 32 votes
    32 votes 4%
    32 votes - 4% of all votes
Total Votes: 764
February 5, 2022 - March 6, 2022
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