Vladana Releases ‘Breathe’ For Montenegro

Vladana will represent Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin with the song “Breathe” which has just been released on Eurovision’s official YouTube channel! Montenegro is back at Eurovision for the first time since 2019, sitting out the last two years for financial reasons. Vladana will aim to get Montenegro its third ever spot in the Grand Final, something that has not happened since Knez last qualified the country back in 2015!

The video for “Breathe” was filmed in Cetinje, Montenegro’s historical capital. The director of the music video, Gojko Berkuljan, had this to say,

“We decided to approach the topic a little differently and communicate it through visually strong metaphorical elements. Playing with surreal elements, we will focus on just ‘breathing’, thus communicating directly with the title of the song. […] We will treat it as a space that lacks air and where one cannot ‘breathe in.’ The whole ambience will act as if it is frozen in time, with people and things slowly levitating in that airless and weightless space. We aim to make these situations act like ordinary moments from life, which are abruptly stopped and never resume. Everything should act as if those moments from life that are trapped in time slowly begin to crumble, dissipate, erode, and our heroine will stop that state of progressive decay by breaking the vacuum and breathing life.”

Who is Vladana?

Born in Titograd (now Podgorica) in 1985, Vladana Vučinić grew up in a musical family and, unsurprisingly, showed interest in music at a young age. She went on to study music theory and opera singing before graduating with a degree in journalism, which has come in handy as she is now editor in chief of her own online fashion magazine, Chiwelook (Čiviluk).

This isn’t Vladana’s first kick at the Eurovision can. She participated in Montevizija in 2005 and 2006, placing 18th and 15th, respectively. She has also participated in the Budva Mediterranean Festival and in the newcomers’ section of the Sunčane skale Music Festival.

She released her first single in English in 2009, entitled “Bad Girls Need Love Too” before releasing her first English-language album in December 2010.

On 4th January 2022, it was announced that she had been selected by RTCG to represent Montenegro at Eurovision in Turin in May 2022. The next day, the title of her song was announced, and finally today, we get to hear it for the first time! 

Montenegro will perform in the 2nd half of the Second Semi Final on 12th of May. Whatdo you think of “Breathe”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media @escbubble !

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