Mia Dimšić releases the Croatian version of her Eurovision entry – ‘Netko drugi’!

Mia Dimšić has released a new video of her Eurovision song “Guilty Pleasure”, in her native Croatian! Mia won Dora 2022 back in February, then singing the English version of “Guilty Pleasure”.

In the video she released today, the song is sung in Croatian, with the title “Netko drugi” (Somebody Else). In an interview with Story.hr, she even teased that it has not yet been decided whether she will sing her song in Croatian or English at the PalaOlimpico in Turin next month.


Mia said:

We don’t know anything yet and everything is somehow still on the table at the moment. In such stressful periods with a lot of crowds, it is difficult to make a smart decision, so I try to think about everything in peace … although there is no end to the preparations.
Mia went on in the interview to say that the translation was a difficult process for lyricist Damir Bačić. In the end, the decision was made to not translate the text literally from English to Croatian, but to write a new, similar text in Croatian, and that has worked out. Whether she decides to sing in English or Croatian, we do know that plans are already in the works to make some changes to her Dora performance, in light of the bigger stage, she’ll have to work with in Turin.
I think we’re going to change the video walls. They were deliberately minimalist, but we will have to change them for the bigger stage. I don’t know about the performance [yet], maybe we’ll leave it the same, and maybe we’ll change it from scratch.
Don’t forget to see Mia Dimšić in our series of videos ‘The Public Reacts: Eurovision 2022’ below!


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