ESCBubble’s Verdict: Who will qualify from Eurovision 2022 Semi-Final 1?

With the jury show over, and less than 24 hours before the first 10 finalists of Eurovision 2022 are announced, the question on every Eurofan’s lips is…who will it be? Well, we here at ESCBubble put it to the team, who are enjoying the coverage from the PalaOlimpico both on-site and in the online press centre.

Going through each of the entries, here’s our verdict:


Albania Ronela Hajati – “Sekret” = IN

After early teething problems, Ronela has come into her own with her slightly NSFW performance and soaring vocals we know she’s capable of. All but one of the team had her through.

Latvia Citi Zēni – “Eat Your Salad” = IN

The dream of shouting the P word for Mum and Dad on Saturday edges closer. This one was a unanimous qualifier. I mean…what’s not to love about this colourful sausage party?

Lithuania Monika Liu – “Sentimentai” = IN

Slightly divisive, but there’s no doubt a strong performance from the jury should be enough to see the best bob haircut in Europe through to Saturday.

Switzerland Marius Bear – “Boys Do Cry” = OUT

All but one of the team said “non” to Marius’ silhouettes and etchings. There may be tears at bedtime for this boy tomorrow.

Slovenia LPS – “Disko” = OUT

At least the LPS lads can concentrate on all that homework if nothing comes from tomorrow.

Ukraine Kalush Orchestra – “Stefania” = IN

Huge reaction to this one in the arena, for obvious reasons. Realstically, in any given year, the day Ukraine doesn’t qualify for the final is the day the sun finally rotates.

Bulgaria Intelligent Music Project – “Intention” = OUT

We seem to have one dad rocker on the team who was convinced this would make it but, for the rest of us, no amount of flame and firework is going to see Ronnie and co. through.

Netherlands S10 – “De diepte” = IN

Another song we’d worried about earlier in the week, all those worries were put to bed when S10’s moment came tonight and the “oooooo aaaaaaaah” sailed around the arena.

Moldova Zdob și Zdub & Advahov Brothers – “Trenulețul” = IN

Won in a closely-fought battle with Austria for top question mark. They’ll be annoyed the UK aren’t voting in this semi, but it’s another one of those performances you can’t help but tap along to.

Portugal Maro – “Saudade, saudade” = IN

Classy, beautiful, understated. Maro’s almost stuido-cut perfect performance made her another anonymous qualifier with the team.

Croatia Mia Dimšić – “Guilty Pleasure” = OUT

While we’re appreciating the verse in Croatian, there’s just not enough life to this performance for any of the team to put it in their list of qualifiers.

Denmark Reddi – “The Show” = OUT

Probably a near-miss non-qualifier given it’s fun and the kind of music that has a captive audience who often vote well, but still too much of an audiovisual mess to be taken seriously. No qualifier predictions.

Austria Lumix feat. Pia Maria – “Halo” = OUT

A controversial one, most of the team couldn’t get past the voice and diction, which gave us such classics as “Philosophers like Hercrates” tonight.

Iceland Systur – “Með hækkandi sól” = OUT

Four going out in a row?! FOUR?! That’s insane. But it’s a risk we at ESCBubble are willing to take with this prediction, apparently.

Greece Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord – “Die Together” = IN

A genuinely lovely moment in the arena here, and the song also works as a television spectacle with the chairs and the LED visuals. Proof that Greece doesn’t have to send a bouzouki dance to be epic.

Norway Subwoolfer – “Give That Wolf A Banana” = IN

Well, it had to be, didn’t it? It’s unironically a bop, and we all know the dance by now. Face reveal on Saturday? Who knows?

Armenia Rosa Linn – “Snap” = IN

The only song with truly discernable staging in a show is the sort of thing that will get you very far at Eurovision. Her paper house is doing what Lesley Roy tried to do last year far better.


In alphabetical order, the team has predicted:

Albania, Armenia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Ukraine!

How correct will this prediction be? Who do you think is going through? Let us know in the comments and on social media. Also go and check out our exclusive content on YouTube given to us by resident interviewer Matt Grocott!

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