Shock Or Mock? ESCBubble reviews the best and worst dressed in Semi Final 1!

With 24 hours left before the Te Deum is played in million of living rooms around Europe, we took some time (As well as some deep breaths, a few glasses of water and some time off) to check who got dressed to impress and who got dressed to make us depressed. And just like every year, the Eurovision stage gave us some very good (And sometimes VERY shocking) looks. Some we wanted to grab and some we wished we could have forgotten. So without any further do, let’s start with those who impressed us and our jaws drop!


The shocks




Subwoolfer, Norway, First Rehearsal, PalaOlimpico, 1 May 2022


The vast majority of us think that after almost 70 years, thousands of performances and endless outfits, Eurovision gave us all. And then came Norway. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like we’ve never seen suits on stage, but the idea of wolves in a suit with the yellow people behind them (who for some reason reminded me of the Minions who also have to happen a song called “Banana”) seems to be the coolest mix this year although some other countries did pull out some heavy guns this year when it comes to their clothing. Im not a wolf so no need to give me a banana. But I need the phone of the designer. Thank you!




Monika Liu from Lithuania rehearsed her song Sentimentai Second Rehearsal


Lithuania’s song isn’t something we can call once in a lifetime kind of song and same goes for the outfit. But still, the outfit looks so good and it simply fits the song. It’s classy, has a nice figure as well, some might say a bit too revealing but it isn’t a bad thing this time. 


3. Greece


Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord from Greece rehearsed her song Die Together


This one gave me a throwback to Yianna Terzi’s outfit from 2018 I must say. Again Greece playing with white and blue on stage (Yes, we got you. Your flag is white and blue. Same goes for some more countries around this globe but ok). Amanda’s dress just looks marvelous on her and it works well on stage. Not always a good outfit is a good outfit to go on stage with but this one is not the case. Just like Lithuania, the outfit isn’t a masterpiece of any kind. But it just looks good both on the singer and on stage.


4. Slovenia


LPS from Slovenia rehearsed their song Disko for the second rehearsal


This performance could have had numerous other options as for what can the artists wear and they chose this. I don’t think colors is a bad word when it comes to suits. We can also see that the fashion world is including more and more colors into the palette when it comes to men’s suits. The choices of color are great, they look great on the artists as well. Nothing bad to say here. Well done Slovenia!


5. Austria


LUM!X feat. Pia Maria from Austria rehearsed their song Halo for second time


Austria gave us a party track this year and the outfits style follows. Lum!x dressed like almost any typical DJ or party attendee and Pia Maria in her sparkly clothes give you the vibe of the song. The outfits are not some designer masterpieces taken out of an archive of some sort but still they fit the performance and the song. Good choice!


The mocks


1. Moldova


Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers from Moldova rehearsed their song Trenuleţul for the second rehearsal


Something about Moldova’s choices wasn’t clear to me. It’s like each threw an idea and they tried to make outfits with all the ideas in. It’s some kind of a bad mix and match. The song itself is all fun and ethnic but this doesn’t justify this fashion choice. And to be honest, no song can justify this choice.


2. Iceland


Systur, Iceland, First Rehearsal, PalaOlimpico, 1 May 2022


Look. I understand their want to look like some country singers. But still, try to make it work! The outfits each on its own hardly ever look well and all of them together on one stage looks even worse. Too many styles,too many colors… Just no.


3. Netherlands


S10 from Netherlands rehearsed her song De Diepte for the second rehearsal


This outfit is an outfit with so much potential but sadly it was missed. The trousers look too loose they look more like yoga pants than suit trousers. I saw this a lot on the turquoise carpet too but I still can’t understand this trend of going shirtless when wearing a suit. We had this trend before and we saw it again on some runways but one should understand that if it looks good on the runway there is no guarantee for it to look good on you. And this is a classical case. The blazer’s cut as well as its huge buttons just don’t fit right. Long story short. A lot could have been done here but someone was too lazy to bring the idea to its max. Sorry for them tho…


4. Portugal


MARO from Portugal rehearsed her song Saudade Saudade for the first time at the PalaOlimpico


This one only got second last as only one country managed to get it worse. If you are going to perform on the biggest stage on earth please make sure you respect the status and honor you are given and dress accordingly. Side note: Wearing what looks like a combination between loungewear and your capoeira class uniform is not suitable. 


5. Albania


Ronela from Albania rehearsed her song Sekret second rehearsal


As much as I love Sekret and as much as I was happy for Ronela to win FIK, my reaction to her outfit is the complete opposite. She has one of the best songs in this semi (If you as me) and still her outfit looks nothing more than a cheap outfit for a cabaret dancer who is trying to imitate Madonna back in the 90’s. The singer isn’t Madonna, we are not in the 90s and even if Ronela will scream her lungs out, sing out of tune with no sync between her and the melody it still wont be as big of a disgrace as this outfit is to her.


So after we finished reviewing the best and the worst dressed of this Semi Final. Here is a total ranking of this Semi Final:

  1. Norway
  2. Lithuania
  3. Greece
  4. Slovenia
  5. Austria
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Latvia
  8. Ukraine
  9. Croatia
  10. Denmark
  11. Switzerland
  12. Armenia
  13. Moldova
  14. Iceland
  15. Netherlands
  16. Portugal
  17. Albania

Congratulations Norway! Your outfit got us shocked more than anyone else!

Who was your best and worst dressed from this Semi Final? Tell us in the comment section below!



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