Parlophone announce next plans for Sam Ryder

Record label Parlophone have announced the next plans for Sam Ryder, including a new single that Sam will release this summer

As magazine Variety reports, Parlophone co-presidents Mark Mitchell and Nick Burgess signed Sam 18 months ago after he became a viral hit on the Tiktok platform, and whilst Mark admits that the Eurovision entry was “a massive gamble,” they’re confident it will pay off.

Nick commented:

“A lot of other people struggled with it, but we felt it was an incredible opportunity that you can’t say no to,”

Nick continus:

“Maneskin’s success last year proved that you could use it as a platform like any other promo opportunity, and become a global superstar on the back of it. They’ve redefined what it’s like to be a Eurovision winner.”

“Somebody from another country said to me, ‘Every year, we invite the U.K. to this great party. We know they’ve got a brilliant wine cellar – but then they turn up with a bottle of supermarket wine!’”

laughs Mark.

“So this year, it was a case of getting a decent vintage out of the cupboard…”

As we reported previously, Sam’s entry ‘Space Man’ has already hit No. 2 in the U.K,  and is a hit across Europe. Parlophone and Warner Music’s international team are now also reportedly targeting America, with Sam booking promotion and gigs this summer in the country.

Mark adds that Sam will release a new single soon in order to “continue the success beyond the Eurovision dream” adding:

“We’re getting him out to do more promo around the globe, but we’re not going to just let ‘Space Man’ sit there for the whole summer. It’s really important we bring through Sam the artist, as well as having a hit song.”

Mark adds:

“We’re not signing straight-forward, straight-to-commercial-radio artists, we’re signing artists who are building into the mainstream through long-term artist development. We’re proving that we can live up to the high standards of Parlophone’s past.”

Sam is also the first name to announce shows at the new Outernet entertainment complex, which is set to open in central London this summer.

You can see our interview with Sam below:

What sort of song would you like Sam to release? Let us know in the comments section below!

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