Conchita’s new show “Music Impossible” kicks off this Friday with other Eurovision stars

The Eurovision Song Contest winner of 2014, Conchita Wurst, is back with a new show called Music Impossible on the German broadcaster ZDF. After his glorious Eurovision victory in Copenhagen, Conchita has not only made a career as a singer, but has also become a well-established TV-presenter in both Austria and Germany. He has presented shows like The Free European Song Contest, which was invented in 2020 by Stefan Raab (Germany 2000) after the cancelation of the Eurovision Song Contest due to the Covid-19 pandemic that year, and has also been a frequent guest on the German national finals for Eurovision.

Music Impossible is a new show developed by ZDF, in which two very different singers face each other and try to produce a new song in the style of the other singer. The show will kick off this Friday, September 2nd, where the German rapper Eko Fresh will meet Schlager star Marianne Rosenberg. Both of them are very famous artists in Germany but Marianne Rosenberg might even ring a bell to Eurovision fans outside of the German speaking area. She has participated in the German national final in 1975 with “Er Gehört Zu Mir“, where she was not very succesful and only finished in 10th place. However, despite of the result at the national final, the song became a huge hit and is now a well-known classic in the Schlager scene.

Conchita will present the show and is going to advise the unusual pairing as a mentor but will also confront them with even more challenges along the way. Both artists will perform their songs in a brand new genre on Friday night and the audience will then decide on a winner. The show will continue with other artists, that are yet to be revealed.

ZDF has explained the concept of the show and what makes it interesting to the viewer in their official press release:

Leaving your own musical comfort zone, the courage to try a different genre, the desperation when it doesn’t work out, and the happiness and relief when you have successfully performed your “new” song – these are the emotions that make “Music Impossible” an exciting musical journey and show the popular artists from an unknown side.

Conchita has won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 with a total of 290 points, bringing Austria their second victory after 48 years. It was without a doubt one of the winners with the biggest cultural impact, bringing more tolerance and acceptance to Austria and all of Europe. You can watch the historic final performance of “Rise Like A Phoenix” below!

Are you going to watch Conchita’s new show? Which other Eurovision performers could you see doing a cover of another artist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and on our social media profiles! @escbubble

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