Monika Liu features in new single “Dai Boh” in support of Ukraine

Monika Liu, who represented Lithuania at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, is featuring in a new Ukrainian song with the title “Dai Boh” alongside alyona alyona and Jerry Heil. The two Ukrainian artists have released an entire EP together and all songs are based on traditional, Ukrainian folklore. Jerry Heil is not an unfamiliar face in the Eurovision fandom either, as she has participated in Vidbir 2020 with the song “Vegan” and qualified to the final round of the national selection.

Monika joins the duo in their latest song, which translates “God bless” in a part in Lithuanian. The single is about hope for the people of Ukraine and the Lithuanian Eurovision representative has expressed her gratitude towards the cooperation:

First of all I would like to thank alyona alyona and her team for the opportunity to record this track together, not only because I support Ukraine with all my heart, but also because I have been watching alyona alyona for a long time and I love what she creates. Creativity is something that cannot be taken away from us… Today, like never before, the common music has its purpose, it gives us the opportunity not to remain silent, but to speak loudly about our position and our support for Ukraine. Dai Boh! (God bless!) This is a prayer that sounds particularly powerful in this piece in two languages and three voices. I am confident that this piece will find a place in the hearts of both Lithuanian and Ukrainian listeners. This is undoubtedly an important work for me personally.

Monika is not the first Eurovision artist that is featured in the duo’s EP, as the German singer Ela, who represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 as part of Elaiza, has also recorded several songs with them. Ela has a Ukrainian father and is therefore very connected to the country. She joins the duo with lines in both German and Ukrainian.

The fact that Monika Liu is supporting Ukraine, does not come as a surprise, as she has frequently expressed her support for the country throughout the Eurovision season and was even seen with a Ukrainian flag in the Green Room, during the voting in Turin.
Monika brought the Lithuanian language back to Eurovision after 28 years and has reached the final with the beautiful song “Sentimentai“, where she ended up in 14th place. What do you think of her latest collaboration? Let us know in the comments and on our social media profiles! @escbubble


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