Gjergj: “I wrote and recorded the song 4 hours before sending it”

Gjergj (Joe) Kaçinari is a singer, instrumentalist and songwriter. His unique voice, helped his road to fame after competing at the Albanian version of the popular music show “The Voice” back in 2011. He has been a member of many bands and the genres his music covers are: blues, country, rock ‘n’ roll to hard rock and heavy metal.

Gjergj has participated at many festivals where he had a chance to showcase his art and music skills including last two editions of Festivali i Këngës where he performed songs “Më jep jetë” and “Në Ëndërr Mbete Ti”. This year he is competing with the song “Dje” (Yesterday).

Hello Gjergj, this will be your third time in a row to compete at the Festival i Këngës, two years ago you performedMë jep jetë” while last year you sang “Në ëndërr mbete ti”. It’s nice to see you back at the show. How was last year’s experience and what has changed since?
Hello there! Yes, I’m participating again and again. I just enjoy the time spent there, rehearsing, etc. I’m performing “Dje” (Yesterday) this year, a personal and a very intimate song, which has nothing to do with the previous ones.

In our last interview you announced that you are working on many new projects tracks, gigs, tours, music videos and a lot of stuff, how has everything been going and is there something you’d like to share with us that you are particularly proud of doing?
Yeah, I did mentioned that. We had some gigs, I worked on other stuff (not on myself) and that’s why I didn’t come up with any new track this year.

I saw that you were working on a performance at “Rrok’eagimin” together with mezzo-soprano Vikena Kamenica at National Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Albania, has the event happened already and how was the experience or is it yet to happen and how do you feel ahead of it?
It was a blast! Me and my dad worked and arranged some old Albanian songs about the war and it became a Hard Rock Symphonic Concert which was never seen before.

What made you decide to compete again at the 61st edition of Festival i Këngës?
As I said, I enjoy this time of the year, I’ve been working on and with this festival for over a decade now so I can say – it is part of the routine hahaha

During the year you took part at a couple open air festivals (Vjosan’Fest and Spring Fest). How was that experience? Do you have some memory which you’d like to share?
Big gigs are always the best, because my music fits better there, we feel more comfortable playing on big stages and we always sound better than small gigs. Also you engage with the audience more and you can jump and walk around free.

Can you share with us more about “Dje” and how was it to work on the creation of it?
I had another track for the festival and just going to the studio to record the vocals, I wrote this other song and lyrics in my head, so the last 4 hours (before sending it) I changed the song, recorded everything, and BAM

Will you be playing any instruments during your performance? Can you reveal some details about it?
I don’t think so, the song doesn’t require any big performance. It will be me, singing my song. That’s what the festival should be about.

Which artist competing at FiK 61 you see as your biggest competitor? And whose song are you most excited to hear?
I honestly didn’t check the list and I will just hear the songs there, but I will tell you later on, haha

Did you watch the Eurovision Song Contest 2022? Which act was your favorite?
Nope, I’m very disappointed by the songs and the fact that now is all about the performance, lights, dancers, whatever. We should bring music back on the first place.

What are your plans after Festival i këngës 61?
After party of FiK. Hahaha. I’ll be playing some gigs and concerts, Christmas, New Year’s Eve as well so I will take a rest in January to start then recording what I mentioned an year ago.

Thank you so much for your time Gjergj. We wish you the best of luck at Festivali i këngës.
Do you want to share something else or maybe you have a message for the followers of ESCBubble?
Thank you for reaching out again and the only message I have is to stick on good and quality music. The trends come and go. Good music live forever.

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