KRUTЬ appeals to UA:PBC that TVORCHI broke Vidbir rules

We may have more Vidbir drama to add to our list. Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC announced today that a three-way communication had to be established (broadcaster↔TVORCHI↔KRUTЬ) due to the results of this weekend’s national final, Vidbir 2023. Comments sent to UA:PBC by KRUTЬ had to be analyzed.

KRUTЬ had no complaint about the organization and election of TVORCHI as winners of Vidbir. However her complaints to the broadcaster was about the musical accompaniment of TVORCHI’s performance, as well as about their song “Heart Of Steel”’s distribution by the label “Believe”.

KRUTЬ claimed that during the chorus of in the chorus of “Heart Of Steel” a doubling of the live main vocal could be heard, which is a violation of Vidbir’s Rules.

Vidbir’s music producer Dmytro Shurov pointed out that when listening to TVORCHI during the final, you can hear additional processing for several seconds, which may be a double. He does not however believe that rules were broken, or the ‘double’ sound had any impact on TVORCHI winning the competition.

In a quote obtained by Eurovoix, Shurov went on to add,

“During the preparation of the finale, a technical error may have occurred, due to which a double of Jeffrey’s live vocals sounded on the air in the soundtrack of the TVORCHI band for certain seconds. Such imprudence could really happen: during the war, under extremely difficult working conditions, with regular lack of communication and electricity. Due to the difficult sound on the site (subway trains) during the rehearsals, no one, including me, heard it before the broadcast.”

The organizing committee of Vidbir also pointed out on Instagram that they took into account that several finalists committed a number of minor violations, but none of them was a sufficient reason to disqualify any of the participants.

When it comes to “Believe”, according to KRUTЬ, the label continues to work on the territory of the aggressor country [Russia]. “Believe” is a French company which operates in Europe and Asia.

In the end, it was deemed to not be a violation of the rules of the Vidbir that “Believe” distributed some of the finalists’ songs. It turns out that 5 out of 10 finalists of in Vidbir 2023 published their competition songs through “Believe”, while until recently three more worked with them.

As a result, the Eurovision Organizing Committee decided that KRUTЬ’s appeal was not a reason to terminate TVORCHI’s participation in Vidbir. TVORCHI will thus defend Ukraine’s title at Eurovision in Liverpool this May.

How do you think TVORCHI will do in May? And do you think KRUTЬ’s complaints were valid? Let us know below in the comments or on our social media @escbubble. You can also try and hear the doubling of the chorus by watching the performance below!

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