Andre’: “This song is a form of emotional liberation”

As the Malta Eurovision Song Contest quarter-finals are coming to the results stage soon, we had a great pleasure to chat with the participants of this year’s edition of Malta’s national selection. Andre’ presented his song “Broken Hill” back in the third quarter-final.

We had the pleasure of having a chat with Andre’ who is competing in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, and found out more about him and about his song “Broken Hill”. Check out everything he told us in this interview right here below:

Hi Andre’! For the beginning of the interview, tell us when and how did you decide to become an artist?

I am not quite sure it is something one decides. Most of the time it is a hidden talent, that if nurtured can take you to great journeys through your artistic abilities. Music and the stage just were a part of me from as far back as I can remember 😉

Can you describe what your song is all about and what it means to you?

My song ‘Broken Hill’ describes the difficult journey of self discovery, a difficult climb to reach your true self, beyond the bitterness of tough experiences along the way. The path to self-realization is not always easy, but as the lyrics remind us, when we turn our bitterness into fire, we can overcome any obstacle and reach new heights. To me this song is a form of emotional liberation.

Which other artist(s) has inspired you to reach your goals?

Quite honestly every artist has their own story, but either way they achieved their goal, those artists I have encountered along the way, each one has inspired me in their own way  over the years to persevere in achieving your goals with your art despite set-backs or moments of disillusion.

Do you have an all time favorite Eurovision song/performance?

They are all quite unique in their own right. The one that  resonated the most with me in terms of the rawness of the lyrics and the heartfelt performance to me was Måneskin. I have a soft spot for all that is rock.

What do you do in your spare time and what’s your passion in life?

Ironically music is my passion. It is what I do in my spare time. My full-time job  is quite a different universe from that of entertainment 🙂

What would your stage performance look like at a big stage like Eurovision?

In brief, it will turn from a solemn moment of introspection to a full blown Club Vibe! Let’s just say that if Broken Hill were a ride at an amusement park it would be a roller coaster with a steady climb to the top and a thrilling drop 🙂

Thank you very much for chatting with us Andre, and we wish you the best of luck in the contest!

Give a listen to Andre’s entry in Malta Eurovision Song Contest – “Broken Hill” right here:

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