Bedwetters: It’s not a surprise (Estonia) have not sent a band for a long time, Bedwetters is ready to break that chain

The National Final season is underway and we are so excited for Estonia’s Eesti Laul selection, the semi finals of which are on this week!

In semi final 1 on Thursday, one of the bands appearing is Bedwetters and we were lucky enough to speak with guitarist Mihkel Mõttus ahead of them taking to the stage with their song “Monsters”.

Welcome to Eesti Laul to the band Bedwetters! One of the most popular Estonian bands of the late noughties, you’ve only recently started making music again.  What has prompted this return?

Thank you so much! It’s not recently since we started making music again. In the middle of the first COVID wave in 2020, Joosep and I got bored and started testing some stuff in the studio. We liked a few songs, so we kept going secretly, just the two of us. Half a year later, we assembled the crew got them drunk, and played those 5 – 7 ideas we had, and the guys really loved it. It helped that they were drunk, but promises were made, and we have a no-take-back rule.

Was it a conscious decision to enter Eesti Laul upon your return, or just the right song at the right time?

We are making music in English in Estonia. We had to do something that would put us back into the mass media with a certain frequency. And we’ve never taken part in Eurovision song contests, which in itself sounded interesting.  However, it’s not just a cheap marketing trick for us as we consciously put maximum effort into the production and try to do this with all the professionalism we can muster. The song itself was written for the contest, and it was an intense process that took us about a week to complete. We’re thrilled to be in it with other talented Estonian artists.

Your song “Monsters” is going down very well with the fan community and is seen as one of the front runners for Eesti Laul victory. What can you tell us about the song?

Joosep, our lead singer, argues that this song is about a dog waiting for its owner. Since Joosep is not doing this interview, I finally have the chance, to tell the truth. Monsters speak about fighting your inner demons and not being afraid of them. It’s much easier to fight something in front of you than in your head. Remember that, kids. 

The video for “Monsters” is WILD! Where did this concept come from, and how much fun was it to film?

We were fortunate enough to have a very professional crew around us. Firstly a very big shoutout to RIBA films for delivering this production. We worked with the producers and the creatives relentlessly for four days to get the concept in place, and then we only had a week to plan the shoot. Co-director and DOP Robert Parelo only had three days to cut it together and do the post-production. This is a mad level of professionalism.  To answer your questions – It was very fun to film for us.

 There has been a resurgence in Eurovision of rock music, following some great results recently – and Estonia has not sent a band as an entry since 2010 – are Bedwetters ready for the Eurovision Song Contest?

Estonia has tons of incredible solo artists, so it’s not a surprise we have not sent a band for a long time. Bedwetters is ready to break that chain, cos there ain’t no turning back now. Although I have to admit we’re facing some fierce competition. Fingers crossed.

Finally, I’ve read that you plan to release a new album soon. What else do Bedwetters have planned for 2023?

You’ve heard right. We plan on releasing an album in the first half of 2023, so subscribe to our socials to be the first ones to hear about our new music. We also plan on doing a few shows starting in the autumn of 2023.

Watch “Monsters” here, don’t forget to vote in our poll below for your favourite from semi final one of Eesti Laul!


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