Chérine to sing “Ca m’ennuie pas” in the Final of Eurosong 2023!

The second preview show of Eurosong 2023 has just finished. In the first part of the episode we had a chance to find out more about Chérine and later on Hunter Falls presented himself too, in the meantime all of the participants had fun while playing a game and enjoyed dinner together.

Apart from a chat about Chérine with the other acts and the host of the show, we were also shown her voice acting/imitation skills as she acted like Pikachu and a dolphine. They also talked about her experience in The Voice van Vlaanderen and how it later on brought her to the French version of the show. In the continuation of the show, Chérine performed her two songs “Mon etoile” and “Ca m’ennuie pas” in front of the other six competing acts – as shown in the recap video posted last month.

First song was described by Chérine as very emotional and she said that the creation of it was inspired by going over a loss of a dear one, as her biological father and uncle both passed away. For the second one, “Ca m’ennuie pas” she said it is a fun and strong song which makes her feel unstoppable.

After both performances, the host had one-on-one chats with the six acts. she said that she is quite sure which one she’ll be performing in the final. The other artists were sharing their impressions of the songs Chérine performed and Ameerah said that “Mon etoile” was nice and ready song, fully packed with emotions. For the second one “Ca m’ennuie pas”, The Starlings said that it seems to them as Chérine shows energy and who she really is while performing it on the other hand Loredana even had it stuck in her head as she was humming the melody of it while being asked a question. Gustaph said that she should definitely go with “Ca m’ennuie pas”. Chérine was presented an envelope with the title of the selected song and after “Ca m’ennuie pas” was revealed she was so happy with it.

After that a short sequence where participants tried to connect the 12 photographs was showed. In the second attempt they successfully connected the images and after that it was time to focus on another participant, Hunter Falls. He spoke about his inspiration for the songs and music experience and later on the show feature the performance of his entry “Ooh La La” while we will be seeing the performance of “Home” in tomorrow’s episode. The next episode will include Ameerah and the performances of her entries. Don’t forget to check out our interviews with Chérine, Gustaph, Hunter Falls and gala dragot.

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