John Galea: “Clues are in the jacket!”

The last quarter-final show of Malta Eurovision Song Contest took place last night and you had a chance to watch the performances of the remaining 14 artists. We had a chance to interview one of them – John Galea who sang “Trailblazer”.

Hello John, as a teenager you won songwriting contest and later on you wrote many songs for other artists which achieved success – what’s your favourite song you wrote?
My favourte was a song written with my Maltese Songwriter friend Dean Muscat, who wrote Gianluca’s ‘Tomorrow’ from Eurovision 2013. The song was called ‘Frontline’ and was released and performed by Malta Eurovsion Winner Thea Garrett in 2011. I just got out a bad relationship and a lot of the lyrics are based around that and the production and music really came together and Thea’s vocals took the song to another level. It was really special to see the song fluorish. As a songwriter it was special moment.

What inspired you to take part at MESC 2023?
I am a huge Eurovision fan and this is my first entry ever into the contest. I knew that the song could suit the Eurovision and I’m based between Mosta in Malta where my family are, & U.K & so it made total sense to put the song in and see what happens. The fact its being held in U.K is even crazier.

What does “Trailblazer” mean to you?
Trailblazer is about being who are you and proud of it. The song as soon as I wrote it I knew was special, and so its amaizng its getting the reaction it is already.

What can we expect from your performance? Anything you could share with us?
Not sure what I can share & I don’t want to spoil anything but If I get through to the semi’s its going to be a visually bright, big performance. Clues are in the jacket!

You achieved first iTunes no 1 in 2020 with the track “Hero Within You” which was sang with Hannah Long. How did it feel?
Over the moon! Hero Within You was released during Covid and the proceeds of the sales went to the NHS in U.K – so the song really did mean a lot. Again its a very postive song about overcoming hard times and Hannah Long – the Opera Singer who sang with me was so great to work with – a true star with a stunning voice!

What would it mean for you to represent Malta at Eurovision Song Contest 2023?
A real dream come true. I have so many connections, family, friends, work – it would be an honour and something my Grandad who was born in Valletta would be very proud of I hope.

You performed at London Pride back in 2017, how was that experience for you?
So amazing! – As a proud Bisexual member of the LGBTQ+ community it was good to see the diversity and strength of coummunity. It’s something I’ve always to do in London and for the audience in Trafalgar square to sing back my own lyrics that I wrote, still to this day blows my mind away. Maybe one day It would be great to perform at Malta’s Pride.

Do you watch Eurovision regularly? What’s your favourite song from the contest?
Ever since I was a kid I grew up watching it. Every year we bake cakes and have a party and its great fun. There’s so many from the legend Johnny Logan’s “Whats another Year” 1980 to Malta’s own Chiara in 2005 where “Angel” was performed. Her voice is stunning – I would love to work and write for her.

What do you do when you are not singing? Any hobbies?
I love to travel, work out at the gym when I can and I’ve recently become a Doggie Dad to a Cockapoo called Latte, who loves social media – So she keeps me busy with her TikTok’s.

What are your plans after MESC 2023?
So since Covid I’ve been in the recording studio working on new music and Ive been working with some artsits too – so new songs are in the pipeline but of course travel to a few places is on the cards too.

Thank you so much for your time John. We wish you the best of luck at MESC 2023. Do you want to share something else or you maybe have a message for readers of escbubble?
Thank you all for your support – I wouldn’t be able to do it without you and whatver the outcome is Eurovision wise- 2023 is going to be a busy one!

You can listen to the 30 second snippet of John’s song “Trailblazer” below:

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