Megara: “Our song is a twisted love story between two girls in a virtual world”

Just last week, our very own Joe B got to chat to Spanish ‘fucksia rock’ band Megara, ahead of their performance at the first semi-final of Benidorm Fest on Tuesday 31st January 2023 with ‘Arcadia’. They told us about, among other things, the meaning of their song, why their shows feel like an “amazing head trip”, and what it would mean to add to UK rock history.

The following interview was translated from Spanish into English.

Thank you so much to Megara for getting back to us, and buena suerte in Benidorm!


To get you in the mood, listen to Megara’s song HERE:



Hi guys, thanks so much for this interview! How does it feel to be one of the 18 acts selected for Benidorm Fest 2023?

Hi Joe! Well, we’re hugely honoured and eternally greatful for this amazing opportunity. We really wanted to take part in the festival since the moment it began, and look just how little we had to wait to do it!

So that we know you all a bit better, who is Megara?

Megara is a group of four music lovers who fell into the clutches of rock, with a desire to show the world that ‘rock’ music is so much more than the stereotypes people have in their heads today.

Your music career started seven years ago with the publication of your album Muérase quien pueda (Everyone Who Can, Die), but how did the group itself really begin?

Really…right there. Everything was so clear right from the start that it was just a case of getting together and starting to work, to the point where we had our first EP in just over a month.

On your bio on the RTVE website, and on Instagram, you describe your music style as “fucksia rock”. How would you define this genre, and what artists/bands inspire you the most?

I mean…really, it was a fun way of putting a name to our style because we really don’t like to be pigeonholed solely as a rock band. Not just for the sake of it, rather because there are so many people who always get our genre wrong. “Fucksia rock” was our way of naming a style that precisely diverts itself from the stigma surrounding rock music today. We play around with other styles whilst never not being a rock band. In addition, we bring in elements that you wouldn’t normally see in rock or metal.

What could we expect if we went to a Megara show?

Well, especially if you come to one of our disco shows, an amazing head trip. We love to go crazy when it comes to creating the performance, and we turn them into, not just a concert, but a kind of musical.

After looking through your socials, I’d love to know: who’s responsible for your visual design and album covers?

Kenzy, our lead singer, usually takes charge of the graphic design of our social media and in general.

It’s clear there isn’t any other song like this at Benidorm Fest this year. For the fans who don’t speak Spanish, what’s it about?

It’s a twisted love story between two girls set in a virtual world. We wanted to play with a futuristic theme but we’ve fallen for the fact that this story could well be set in the present, hahaha!

Why did you decide to bring Arcadia to Benidorm Fest? Did you write it with the contest in mind or no?

Yes, this song was created especially for Benidorm Fest and of course, if it comes to pass, Eurovision. Within our essence and knowing there is no magic formula, we wanted to incorporate into this song a hybrid between our own spiel and what Eurovision means to us.

Without revealing too much, what plans do you have for your stage production in Benidorm?

We can’t say anything more, or the Megara essence will be lost on everyone. We’ve created something that’s in line with what we normally do.

Now, speaking of Eurovision itself, to what extent do you consider yourselves ‘Eurofans’, and what are your favourite memories from previous Contests?

I have to admit that, for years, we were fairly outside the realm of Eurovision, until last year when we felt again that exceitement we had for it before. Since last year we’ve seen how that excitement and that desire to do well that the Contest deserves has been reignited, and that’s down to Benidorm Fest. When it comes to our favourite moments…well, there are so many but in this case we have to look after number one. Of course, Lordi really impressed us at the time, and if we had to pick something more recet…we can’t not mention Måneskin!

What would it mean to Megara if you won Benidorm Fest and had the opportunity to represent Spain at Eurovision in Liverpool, one of the homes of Britrock?

The UK is the birthplace of so many super important artists to what rock music is today. Starting with the Beatles, followed by Queen, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Def Leppard…so, for us, it would be a huge honour to be able to add our little contribution to rock music history in a country that means so much to the genre!


And now, to finish, some bonus questions for the fans:


What do you get up to when you’re not making music?

The usual, making the most of free time with friends, going to concerts, to the cinema, watching films at home etc.

Do you have any superstitions or rituals before you go on-stage?

Not really. We like to get focused and have a moment before going on-stage to focus on our performance. In addition to warming up our respective instruments.

What country would you like to visit that you’ve never visited before?

So many! We’re so lucky to have travelled so much, but we’d love to go to Egypt or Japan in the future.


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