Songs competing at Dora 2023 will be released on 12th of January

Yesterday, we brought you news about the preview show, U susred Dori and today we’ve got more news about Dora 2023. The entries competing at the Croatian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest will be revealed on 12th of January.

During today’s edition of a morning show “Dobro jutro Hrvatska”, Head Producer of Dora 2023, Tomislav Štengl announced that all of the entries for the national final will be revealed on HR 2’s radio show “Svijet diskografijebetween 14:00 and 16:00 CET.

The official music videos will be posted on YouTube later that same day. U susret Dori, the preview show will also be featuring the music videos, but only those of the episode’s guest artists. More about it here.

Štengl also reflected about the voting procedure and he announced that there won’t be any changes. As always, the jury votes from 10 Croatian TV centers will be make up 50% of the total points and the audience votes will be the other 50% of the score.

The final of Dora 2023 will be held in Opatija on the 11th of February.

Here is the list of all contestants:

  • Damir Kedžo – Angels and Demons (Jamie Duffin, Stefan Celar, Michael Chun-Fai Chung (aka Kyler Niko), Victoria Jane Horn – ARR Jamie Duffin)
  • Meri Andraković – Bye Bye Blonde (Boris Đurđević – Valerija Đurđević – Boris Đurđević)
  • Martha May – Distance (Marta Ivić – ARR Oliver Fecci-Chiffi)
  • Tajana Belina – Dom (Tajana Belina, Marcel Sprunkel – Tajana Belina – Marcel Sprunkel)
  • Đana – Free fallin’ (Đana Smajo)
  • Boris Štrok – Grijeh (Boris Štok, Darko Terlević – Boris Štok – Boris Štok, Darko Terlević)
  • Maja Grgić – I still live (Mateo Martinović Teo – Maja Grgić – Mateo Martinović Teo)
  • Patricia Gasparini – I will wait (Siniša Reljić – Simba, Lisa Desmond, Aidan Winkels – Lisa Desmond, Aidan Winkels – Siniša Reljić – Simba)
  • Krešo i Kisele Kiše – Kme kme (Krešimir Burić – ARR Matej Zec)
  • Eni Jurišić – Kreni dalje (Matija Cvek, Vlaho Arbulić, Eni Jurišić – Matija Cvek – Filip Majdak)
  • The Splitters – Lost and Found  (Neven Kolarić, Branimir Mihaljević – Neven Kolarić – Branimir I Marko Mihaljević)
  • Yogi – Love at first sight (Yugomir Lonich)
  • Let 3 – Mama šč! (Damir Martinović Mrle, Zoran Prodanović – Damir Martinović Mrle – LET 3)
  • Detour – Master blaster (Nenad Borgudan)
  • Hana Mašić – Nesreća (Boris Subotić – ARR Darko Dimitrov)
  • Harmonija Disonance – Nevera (Lei, lei) (Bartol Stopić – Sanja Daić, Bojan Petrović, Bartol Stopić – Anja Papa, Bartol Stopić, Luka Vidović)
  • Barbara Munjas – Putem snova (Barbara Munjas, Alen Bernobić – Barbara Munjas – Alen Bernobić)
  • Top of the Pops ft. Mario 5reković – Putovanje (Bruno Krajcar – Danijel Načinović – Nikola Milat)

Schedule of all shows

  • U susret Dori 2023 (episode 1) – 14th of January
  • U susret Dori 2023 (episode 2) – 21st of January
  • U susret Dori 2023 (episode 3) – 28th of January
  • U susret Dori 2023 (episode 4) – 4th of February
  • Dora 2023 – 11th of February

At Eurovision 2022, Croatia was represented by Mia Dimšić with the song Guilty Pleasure, which finished in 11th place in Semi-final 1 with 75 points. You can check out the performance below.

What are your expectations of Dora 2023? Which of the songs are you most excited to hear? Let us know in the comments below and at our social media @escbubble

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