Alessandra: Queen Of The Streams … For Now

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool is slowly taking shape and after last weekend’s Super Saturday, we can already look at 15 songs that are going to compete for the Eurovision trophy in May.

We are going to take a closer look on how the songs are performing on Spotify and the amount of streams they have gained since their release. We have done the same thing with the songs from Eurovision 2022 and also took a closer look on how the songs performed on different platforms after the contest was over, in this article. These results prove that the amount of streams do not automatically guarantee a successful placing in the Eurovision Song Contest.

For instance, Rosa Linn’s song “SNAP”, which represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 became a huge hit after the contest and is currently counting more than 500 million streams on Spotify, despite ending up in 20th place in Turin.

All the numbers are from the 17th of February 2023.

Spotify stats

🇱🇻1. 🇳🇴 Alessandra Mele – “Queen Of Kings” – 12,363,172 streams

2. 🇮🇹 Marco Mengoni – “Due Vite” – 11,403,609 streams

3. 🇨🇿 Vesna – “My Sister’s Crown” – 1,154,293 streams

4. 🇪🇸 Blanca Paloma – “Eaea” – 1,099,986 streams

5. 🇺🇦 TVORCHI – “Heart Of Steel” – 1,016,309 streams

6. 🇧🇪 Gustaph – “Because Of You” – 723,882 streams

7. 🇩🇰 Reiley – “Breaking My Heart” – 384,096 streams

8. 🇪🇪 ALIKA – “Bridges” – 325,718 streams

9. 🇸🇮 Joker Out – “Carpe Diem” – 313,035 streams

10. 🇮🇪 Wild Youth – “We Are One” – 156,950 streams

11. 🇦🇱 Albina & Familja Kelmendi – “Duje” – 125,691 streams

12. 🇭🇷 Let 3 – “Mama ŠČ!” – 113,850 streams

13. 🇱🇻 Sudden Lights – “Aijā” – 108,644 streams

14. 🇷🇴 Theodor Andrei – “D.G.T.” – 59,324 streams

(15. 🇲🇹 The Busker – “Dance (Our own Party) – Not on Spotify)

Norway’s Alessandra Mele is currently the most streamed Eurovision 2023 on Spotify with an incredible 12.3 million streams. The song has been very prominent on TikTok and already entered the streaming charts in several countries. However, this could soon change, as Italy’s Marco Mengoni has been the most streamed song in the past few days, gaining over one million streams on the 15th of February alone.

Meanwhile, the current favorites in the betting odds Ukraine are “only” in 5th with just over one million streams in total.

It is also interesting to point out that Croatia’s “Mama ŠČ!” and Latvia’s “Aijā”, which were both selected less than a week ago and have therefore not been on Spotify for too long, are close to surpassing the Albanian Eurovision entry “Duje”, which was already chosen in December 2022. The only song that has not been released on Spotify yet is “Dance (Our Own Party)” by The Buskers, representing Malta.

Do you think Italy will surpass Norway in stream numbers soon? And who is your favorite so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and on our social media profiles! @escbubble


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