Eva & Ewa: ‘We have a little teaser for all you Eurofans!’

Eva Rydberg is a Swedish singer, actress, comedian, and dancer. Over the years, she has acted in many films and stared on stage with many former Melodifestivalen participants like Owe Thörnqvist, Björn Skifs, Siw Malmkvist, and Tommy Körberg. She entered Melodifestivalen 1977 with the song “Charlie Chaplin” and came 7th. She would not return to the competition until 2021!

Ewa Roos is a Swedish singer and actress who became famous as a child star. She rose to prominance in the 1960s as a singer, releasing several hit singles. She went on to participate in another of Sweden’s favourite TV music shows – Allsång på Skansen – in its debut season in 1979. Since the 1970s, Ewa took part in many theatre shows, and famously stared in the role of Dolly Tate in Annie Get Your Gun. Her first and only participation in Melodifestvalen came two years ago with Eva Rydberg.

Eva and Ewa have teamed up again this year with their new single “Länge leve livet” and will perform in the first heat of Melodifestivalen 2023!


Hej Eva och Ewa! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview! First of all, why have you decided to come back to Melodifestivalen together?
First we said, never again but then when we got all great feedback adding with a gold record, we started to feel the “mello vibes” again, then we got this song that we couldn’t resist so…. “we are back”!

What makes the two of you work so well as a duo?
We have a long history of working together and have always been dear friends, with respect for each other. We believe that is key.

What are your favorite memories from your last Melodifestivalen participation in 2021?
When it was announced that we qualified for the Semifinal! You see, it is hard to compete with all younger talents and we seniors are a bit underrated by the press and by those who understand music. But we proved them wrong.

How do you feel about performing in front of a live audience this time, compared to 2021?
It will be fantastic! We really look forward to the show with an audience of many thousands in the arena!

Can you tell us about your song “Länge leve livet”? Would you consider it similar to “Rena Rama Ding Dong” in any ways, or is it different?
It’s a totally different type of song but with a similar joy. It will make you want to dance and sing along for sure!

Eva, you already participated in Melodifestivalen in 1977 – can you tell us how the competition has changed since then?
Much harder now with more artists and songs to vote for – and the production has become so much bigger, it’s grown all across Europe!

Are either of you Eurovision Song Contest fans? Do each of you maybe have a favorite Eurovision song?
From Melfest:

  • Rydberg: “E det det här du kallar kärlek” with Lasse Holm & Monica Törnell from 1986.
  • Roos: Ring Ring  with ABBA 1973. It was a scandal that it didn’t win!

From Eurovison:

  • There are plenty of songs that still are in our heads like “Hallelujah” from Israel, “La de swinge” from Norway, “Fly on the wings of love” from Denmark, and so many more!!

What would it mean to you if you get the chance to step on the Eurovision stage for Sweden in Liverpool?
Well we will have to rebook everything in April and May! But it would be so fun and fantastic!

You have gained fans from all over the world through your appearance at Melodifestivalen 2021 – is there anything you would like to say to them?

We have a little teaser for all you Eurofans! It will be a special remix release of “Ding dong” coming In perfect time for the Eurovision finals in Liverpool! And be safe, take care of you all!

While we wait to hear “Länge leve livet“, you can remind yourself of the ladies’ performance of “Rena rama ding dong” from two years ago!

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