Lonely Spring: “We wanted to write a hymn, which expresses that it’s okay to be different”

Lonely Spring is a German band from the Bavarian city Passau, that has been active since 2016. The band consist of the twin brothers Jules and Simon, as well as the guitarist Manuel and drummer Matthias. They participated in the German Eurovision preselection over TikTok with their self-written song “Misfit” and were chosen as one of the eight direct finalist at ‘Unser Lied für Liverpool’.

Ahead of their live performance on the 3rd of March in Cologne, the guys from Lonely Spring joined us for an interview:

Hey guys and thank you so much for being with us!

How did you get the idea to apply for the German national final?

The idea actually stemmed from the hashtag we found on TikTok. It started off as a silly idea and we posted just for fun that we would apply for the ESC if we got 10,000 likes. But then something incredible happened: We got so much support from our followers and reached way more than 10,000 likes. And then we thought, well we have to apply now. Of course we thought it was cool but we never expected to receive so much support. But especially these days, when edgy rock bands like Måneskin can win Eurovision, we thought that we should take a chance. And since the German broadcaster was more open towards different styles of music this year, it worked out for us.

You ended up being a direct finalist, instead of a TikTok wildcard candidate – How did you feel when you got that news?

It was insane. Obviously there were more auditions behind closed doors and we really had hopes to make it into the TikTok voting, but that we would make it directly to the final and were given such a big chance by NDR was just beautiful and a big confidence boost for us. We have always been a very niche band and our goal is to give the music scene more listeners. We are kind of in between rock and pop and were “too poppy” for one fandom and “too rocky” for the other fandom, so it feels amazing to finally get this appreciation.

How was “Misfit” created and what was the idea behind it?

We have frequently used the idea of misfits in our lyrics but last year we started to write new songs and we really wanted to get to the heart of it with one song. None of us were “cool kids” in school and we didn’t have the easiest time there. We listened to stuff like My Chemical Romance or Avril Lavigne and they always gave us a good feeling of belonging somewhere. Now we feel the need and obligation to give that feeling to the younger generation. So that’s why we wanted to write a hymn, which expresses that it’s okay to be different and that it’s more important to love yourself.

So we started to jam along with our producer and we suddenly had the line “I’ve been awake for three days but I don’t give a f*ck” and then we built on that. It was finished pretty quickly.

What are you going to do if the line you just mentioned is too explicit for Eurovision?

We are not revealing yet what it’s going to be but we do have an alternative song line. A dirty and a clean version, so to say. But we think both versions work and make the message come across.

You also shot a really cool music video for “Misfit” – Will your staging will be similar?

Thank you! We are currently preparing the staging and we want to surprise the audience but we can definitely reveal that we will bring the misfit vibe across through the staging!

Why would you like to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest?

The Eurovision Song Contest has always had a very passionate and open-minded community and gave a stage to a diverse field of artists. We love this spirit, because it also is the essence of our band, getting back to the misfit topic. It would be an honor to spread our message on that amazing stage!

Do you have a favorite Eurovision song?

Might be a very predictable answer but we love Måneskin’s “Zitti e buoni” – We also really liked “We Could Be The Same” by manGa and remember watching it when we were very young. One of our favorite German entries is “Ghost” by Jamie-Lee Kriewitz. We thought it was a really cool song!

How was it to publicly announce your participation in the national final?

It was a huge relief for us. When we found out that we were chosen for the national final, we were so excited and wanted to tell everyone right away but then we had to wait for a while. It was so nice to finally go public and we were amazed by the huge positive feedback from the Eurovision fans. We already figured that we would get some attention when the show would be on air but never expected such a big boom before the show. A lot of famous names started to follow us on social media and people on the streets suddenly recognize us. It’s all really exciting!

When you think about what’s ahead, how does it make you feel?

Hyped and positively excited! There’s so much happening right now and we can barely process it. We are just realizing that we are in the national final and the closer it gets to the big day, the more nervous we become and the less sleep we get! 😉

Do you have some final words for our readers from all over the world?

We are just so happy and grateful to be part of the Eurovision bubble now and no matter what happens, we are part of the Contest’s history now! Our message is not just about us but for all the misfits out there. We would not only represent Germany but everyone out there who has ever felt like an outsider! Everyone who has ever felt like a misfit!

Thank you so much for answering our questions. We wish you the best of luck in Unser Lied für Liverpool on March 3rd and cannot wait to see your performance!

If you want to support Lonely Spring, you can vote for them in our poll:

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