Micky Skeel: "I don’t think a Danish song would make it that far in Eurovision"

As the Danish national final is approaching, we’ve had the chance to interview Micky Skeel during preparations for the big show. He is a newcomer in DMGP but already has a considerable experience in music, composing and performing live.

Micky told us about the reasons behind his participation in DMGP and how he selected the song. He also revealed to us how he felt when he knew he had been chosen for the contest and how his family feels on this adventure. Check what he told us and get to know Micky more in-depth now!

What made you submit a song for the Danish national selection? Had you already tried to take part in the contest in previous years?

I talked with my label and they said that if I had the right song there might be an opening. So I wrote “GLANSBILLEDE” and I’m so thrilled that they liked it.

How was the process of selecting the song? Why do you think your entry is the best for Eurovision?
I feel like my song is in the spirit of Eurovision. It’s about being ok with who you are and not putting up a facade to be how everyone else thinks you should be. With all these social media, it can feel like everyone else is living the perfect life, but that’s not the case at all. everyone has their own stuff to deal with. and that’s perfectly fine. that’s what “Glansbillede” is about.

What were your first thoughts when you got the news you were among the finalists of DMGP 2023? Did you expect it?
I was so thrilled!!! I feel like this is my moment. I’m looking forward to showing everyone who doesn’t know me what I stand for. I’m looking forward to sharing my music with a lot of new people.

What does your family think about your participation in the Danish contest? Is your little boy conscious of what his daddy is about to do?
My son is only 2,5 years old so he doesn’t really know what’s going on, but he is going with his mom to the show. he’s seen me perform before and he absolutely loves it 😀 the rest of my family is really excited and has been following Eurovision for years.

How are you preparing your performance for DMGP? Can you reveal anything about the staging?
There’s gonna be fire! I’M gonna burn my “picture perfect/glansbillede”, that’s all I can say!

Your song “Glansbillede” is written in Danish. Most of the Eurovision songs are now performed in English, what do you think about this trend? Would you like to listen to more variety of languages in the contest?
Music is so universal so I completely understand that people make English songs so it’s easy for other countries to understand. After all, there are a lot more feelings involved if you understand the lyrics. I have an English version of my song ready, so if I should be so lucky to win, I’m gonna perform the English version in Eurovision.

If you won the Danish Melodi Grand Prix, would you change anything from your song for Eurovision?
The theme is the same but obviously, it’s gonna be in English. I don’t think a Danish song would make it that far in Eurovision.

When did you start in the music scene? What made you choose music as a way of living?
I started making music when I was around 14 and had my breakthrough in the industry when I was 20. I feel like I didn’t decide to make music for a living but it’s more like I didn’t have a choice. I live and breathe music 24/7… that’s changed a bit since my son entered the world, but maybe that’s a good thing 😀

Do you usually watch Eurovision? What are your favourite songs from past editions?
Yeah., I wrote “should’ve gone home” for Mans Zelmerlöw so I was really thrilled when he won. I don’t want to sound like I favour the swedes but Loreen was also mesmerising. when I heard that song I instantly knew it was gonna win the whole thing.

Can you send a message to our readers and Eurovision fans?
Embrace everything that you are. the good and the bad. don’t put up a false picture of who you are. be yourself. be proud.! LET’S GO!!!!!

Thank you very much for your time! Good luck!

Micky Skeel will perform the song “Glansbillede” at DMGP 2023, which is set to take place on February 11th.

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