Rai announces running order of Sanremo’s first 2 nights

With the opening of the 73rd Festival di Sanremo just over 24 hours away, Rai held a press conference in the Ligurian host city this morning and divulged some information about the upcoming shows.

The 28 competing entries will be shown for the first time over the first two evenings of the Festival. The running order will be:

First Evening – Tuesday 7th February

  1. Anna Oxa – “Sali (Canto dell’anima)” (Ascend (Song of the Soul))
  2. gIANMARIA – “Mostro” (Monster)
  3. Mr. Rain – “Supereroi” (Superheroes)
  4. Marco Mengoni – “Due vite” (Two lives)
  5. Ariete – “Mare di guai” (Sea of trouble)
  6. Ultimo – “Alba” (Sunrise)
  7. Coma_Cose – “L’addio” (The goodbye)
  8. Elodie – “Due” (Two)
  9. Leo Gassman – “Terzo cuore” (Third heart)
  10. Cugini di Campagna – “Lettera 22” (Letter 22)
  11. Gianluca Grignani – “Quando ti manca il fiato” (When you’re out of breath)
  12. Olly – “Polvere” (Dust)
  13. Colla Zio – “Non mi va” (I don’t feel like)
  14. Mara Sattei – “Duemilaminuti” (Two thousand minutes)

Second Evening – Wednesday 8th February

  1. Will – “Stupido
  2. Modà – “Lasciami” (Leave me)
  3. Sethu – “Cause perse” (Lost causes)
  4. Articolo 31 – “Un bel viaggio” (A nice trip)
  5. Lazza – “Cenere” (Ash)
  6. Giorgia – “Parole dette male” (Words misspoken)
  7. Colapesce & Dimartino – “Splash”
  8. Shari – “Egoista” (Selfish)
  9. Madame – “Il bene nel male” (The good in the bad)
  10. Levante – “Vivo” (I live)
  11. Tananai – “Tango”
  12. Rosa Chemical – “Made in Italy”
  13. LDA – “Se poi domani” (If then tomorrow)
  14. Paola e Chiara – “Furore” (Fury)

Host and artistic director Amadeus spoke this morning:

“I am happy to start this great adventure, every year is different from the previous ones. […] I am honored to have Gianni Morandi with me for five evenings, I don’t have to tell you but he’s the story not only of music but also of entertainment. So I feel good. Those who know me know that I love to surround myself with people who share my way of making a show that is simple, transparent, and conveys emotion.”

His co-host Gianni Morandi (Eurovision 1970) reminisced about his memories and hopes for Sanremo:

“I remember my first festival that I saw with my father, when Modugno was there, then I came here many times and now Amadeus has invited me. Sanremo becomes great when traces are left, perhaps it started with Baglioni, but in recent years it has returned to being important. Then the great thing is that people like Sanremo, it is important for Italians and I hope it will continue for decades”.

The Festival will air live on Rai1 and RaiPlay for five evenings (Tuesday-Saturday) from 20:30-01:45 CET.

Last year, Mahmood and Blanco stormed to victory at the 72nd Festival di Sanremo, winning the televote, the demoscopic jury, and the press vote. At Eurovision in Turin, the duo secured a 6th place finish with Brividi.

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