Results from the Second Chance Round in San Marino

The Sammarinese selection Una voce per San Marino 2023 held its fourth and last Semi Final in Dogana on Thursday.

A total of 16 songs competed on stage tonight in Teatro Titano in San Marino. The final four artists have qualified for Saturday’s Grand Final. Thursday’s results were decided 100% by a five-member jury. Pjero was disqualified for releasing the song before the 1st September deadline set by the EBU.

The Semi Finalists competed in alphabetical order. Those qualified for the Grand Final are in bold:

1. Camilla 🇮🇹 – “It’s Not You, It’s Me”

2. Camille Cabaltera 🇮🇹 – “Mental”

3. Daudia 🇮🇹 – “What If”

4. Edoardo Brogi 🇮🇹 – “Due punti sull’Equatore” (Two points on the equator)

5. FLEXX (Eliza G_Saintpaul_D.D.S._Palmè) 🇮🇹 – “GOK (God Only Knows)”

6. FLORIN RADUTA 🇧🇪 – “My Mind”

7. KIARA D.V. featuring PAMELA IVONNE COLE 🇬🇧 – “My Time”

8. La Bebae 🇮🇹 – “Tocco il fondo” (I Hit the Bottom)

9. Lost City feat Emerique 🇮🇹 – “Titan”


10. Luna Palumbo 🇮🇹 – “Batticuore” (Heartbeat)

11. MATE 🇮🇹 – “Prisma” (Prism)

12. Morgana 🇮🇹 – “A Lonely Night In Shanghai”

DQ. Pjero 🇮🇹 – “Spiderman”

13. Raim 🇮🇹 – “All Alone”

14. Ronela 🇦🇱 – “Salvaje” (Wild)

15. Roy Paci 🇮🇹 – “Tromba” (Trumpet)

16. TES 🇮🇹 – Giovani di mezza eta’ (Middle-aged youth)

We also saw the performances of the two Sammarinese acts who were pre-qualified to the final:

  1. Kida 🇸🇲 – “Stesse pelle” (Same skin)
  2. Simone 🇸🇲 – “Catching Memories”

The Grand Final is now set for Saturday evening with 22 acts in San Marino. We’ll blog the whole show, so be sure to check it out and leave your comments!

Achille Lauro represented the microstate at Eurovision in Turin, but failed to build on Senhit’s success from Rotterdam and qualify for the Grand Final.

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