Robin Packalen: “I’d like to get a chance to show the rest of the world that also from Finland comes good and groovy pop music”

This year’s Uuden musiikin kilpailu is just around the corner, and next Saturday the seven finalists will take the stage of Turku’s Logomo hoping to carry the Finnish flag in Liverpool. One of the contestants is Robin Packalen, who has been hoped to participate UMK for a long time. Now he is finally competing in the Finnish national selection and hoping to represent his home country in Eurovision with his song ”Girls Like You”. Even though the artist surely is very busy at the moment getting ready for UMK, he still had time to answer a few questions we asked from him. This is what Robin Packalen told us about his relationship to Eurovision, the first years of his career, his UMK song and some other things too:

Hello Robin and thank you for giving me this interview! At first I’d like to ask what is your relationship to Eurovision? Do you usually watch the contest and do you have some favorite Eurovision songs? 

I’d say my relationship to Eurovision has been neutral, since I haven’t been an Eurovision fans myself, but I’ve always watched the contest anyway. My favorite Eurovision song is “SloMo” by Chanel.

Your career started when you were very young and you quickly became a very popular artist. How do you remember the beginning of your career and what events during your career have been especially memorable for you? 

I was 13 when I released my first single, which became a big success. In the beginning it sure was a little bit too exciting, since it all happened very fast. I didn’t have any experience from the world of music and everything was new for me really. I have to say the greatest moment during the years has been the Headline gig that was held at the Helsinki’s Olympiastadion. 

How was your UMK-song ”Girls like you” born and how would you describe the song and the message of it?

The song sounds more like me than any other song I’ve released so far. In the song two people that are not supposed to fall in love fall in love. The other one feels that they have to know if the other one likes them or not, when borns the situation where you just try to do all spring festival moves to show that other one you’re serious and want to know if the other one is serious too. That been said, the message of the song could be that make sure you show and say straight what you want, since it’s the best way to make sure others understand you. 

You have done music both in Finnish and in English. Do you think the singing language has some impact for for example interpretation of the song or does it feel different to sing in English instead of your own native language. And also, could you still do music in Finnish some day?

In my opinion, music is music no matter what language it is sang. I want to do English language career and that is a decision I’m responsible myself. Of course I could release some song in Finnish someday too. I don’t see any problem with that. My own ambitions are on the international side. 

What kind of stage show can we expect from you in UMK? 

I don’t dare to reveal much, but I say colorful and dangerous. 

What would you like to achieve in your career in the future?

I’d like to become the biggest pop star of the world. 

Besides your own song, which song is your favorite in this year’s UMK?

I’d say my favorite is Lxandra. 

What do you do when you don’t do music?

Usually I’m flying in the sky with a ram-air parachute or do other tasks. Or spend time with my friends. 

What would it mean to you to win UMK and represent Finland in Eurovision 2023?

I’d like to get a chance to show the rest of the world that also from Finland comes good and groovy pop music. We have a huge amount of skillful songwriters trying to make it to the world in here, and it would be wonderful to be able to speak on their behalf too. 

What would you like to say to our readers and your fans from all over the world? 

I’d like to say that here we come in one way or another. And enjoy this year’s Eurovision when the time comes. I hope I get a chance to witness the event on the spot. 

Thank you for the interview and the best of luck to UMK!

You can listen to ”Girls Like You” by Robin Packalen here:

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