These are ESCBubble’s qualifiers from the first semi final of Festival da Cancao 2023!

Portugal’s traditional Festival da Cancao kicks off tonight with its second semi final live from Lisbon! A total of ten acts are set to compete in tonight’s semi final for the five spots that lead to the Grand Final, which takes place in two weeks’ time.

From the moment the participants were announced, we asked you to let us know who YOUR favorites are ahead of tonight’s show. At the moment of writing the article, the current standings of our poll were as follows:

  1. Mimicat – Ai coracao – 31%
  2. Claudia Pascoal – Nasci Maria – 25%
  3. April Ivy – Modo Voo – 13%
  4. Neon Soho – Endless World – 6%
  5. Churky – Encruzilhada – 6%
  6. Bolha – Sonhos de liberdade – 5%
  7. You Can’t Win Charlie Brown – Contraste Mudo – 4%
  8. MoYah – Too Much Sauce – 4%
  9. SAL – Viver – 4%
  10. Esse Povo – Sapatos de cimento – 3%

Our team members have also listened to the ten semi finalists, and this is how we ranked the songs:

  1. Mimicat – Ai coracao
  2. Esse Povo – Sapatos de cimento
  3. Claudia Pascoal – Nasci Maria
  4. April Ivy – Modo Voo
  5. Moyah – Too Much Sauce
  6. Churky – Encruzilhada
  7. You Can’t Win Charlie Brown – Contraste Mudo
  8. SAL – Viver
  9. Neon Soho – Endless World
  10. Bolha – Sonhos de liberdade

As you can see, there are some different opinions on certain songs in the votes of our team members, comparing to the votes of our readers, but we all agreed that Mimicat, Claudia Pascoal and April Ivy should be sailing through to the Final. Whilst our readers would love to see Neon Soho and Churky as the last two qualifiers, our team members feel that it should be Esse Povo and Moyah. Unfortunately, Bolha, SAL and You Can’t Win Charlie Brown failed to impress both our readers and our team members.

Our poll is going to remain open until the end of tonight’s show, so you still have time to vote and let us know who YOUR personal favorites are in tonight’s semi final of Festival da Cancao 2023:

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You can also let us know who YOUR favorites are in the second semi final by voting here:

[democracy id=”176″]

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