We have a winner in San Marino – The Piqued Jacks are heading to Liverpool

Another national final is completed – and that means we have another participant for the Eurovision in Liverpool! It’s the Piqued Jacks, who’ll wave the Sammarinese flag in United Kingdom, with the song “Like an Animal”.

Una voce per San Marino 2023 ended tonight at the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana. For the second year in a row, Senhit, who represented San Marino at the Contest in 2011 and 2021 (as well as the cancelled 2020 Contest) was on presenting duties for the evening, alongide co-host Jonathan Kashanian.

We also got to see Miodio perform on the 15th anniversary of San Marino’s first ever Eurovision participation in 2008.

The jury had 100% of the say in choosing San Marino’s Eurovision 2023 act. The jury included:

  • Al Bano – represented Italy at Eurovision in 1976 and 1985
  • Antonio Rospini – musician and artistic consultant
  • Charlotte Davis – British TV producer
  • Dino Steward – BMG Italy’s managing director
  • Steve Lyon – British sound engineer
  • Clarissa Martinelli – journalist

Here is the final scoreboard:

  1. Piqued Jacks 🇮🇹 – “Like An Animal”
  2. Le Deva 🇮🇹 – “Fiori su marte”
  3. XGIOVE 🇮🇹 – “Fuoco e benzina”
  4. MAYU 🇨🇭 “C’è qualcosa in me che non funziona”
  5. EIFFEL 65 🇮🇹 – “Movie Star”
  6. Edoardo Brogi 🇮🇹 – “Due punti sull’Equatore”
  7. Ellynora 🇮🇹 – “Mama Told Me”
  8. Tothem 🇮🇹 – “Sacro e profano”
  9. E.E.F. 🇮🇹 – “Something For You”
  10. Vina Rose 🇬🇧 – “Oblivious”

Places 11-21 were not announced:

  • Alfie Arcuri 🇦🇺 – “Collide”
  • Deborah Iurato 🇮🇹 – “Out of Space”
  • Deshedus 🇮🇹 – “Non basterà”
  • Iole 🇮🇹 – “Sul tetto del mondo”
  • Kida 🇸🇲 – “Stessa pelle”
  • Lorenzo Licitra 🇮🇹 – “Never Give Up”
  • MATE 🇮🇹 – “Prisma”
  • NeVRuZ 🇮🇹 – “L’alieno”
  • Ronela 🇦🇱 – “Salvaje”
  • Roy Paci 🇮🇹 – “Tromba”
  • Thomas 🇮🇹 – “23:23”

Take a look at the winning song “Like An Animal” below, which will compete in the Second Semi Final on 11th May in Liverpool!

What do you thing about San Marino’s choice? Will the Piqued Jacks bring this micro-state back on the Eurovision map? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to leave a comment on our socials @escbubble!

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