Elov & Beny: “It would be so much fun to have EPA Dunk in Eurovision for the first time”

The Deltävling phase of Melodifestivalen 2023 has come to an end and we have already seen all the 28 songs that were in the running to represent Sweden this year, but that won’t stop us from releasing more interviews with the artists. One act that made it to the semi-final during Melodifestivalen’s first Heat was “Raggen går” by Elov & Beny.

The Swedish duo Elov & Beny was founded in 2008 and consists of Mattias ”Elov” Elovsson and Oscar ”Beny” Kilenius. Last year they have put themselves on the map as one of the most popular Swedish artists. Their song “Bubbel På Balkongen” became a huge hit and reached the second place in both the Swedish and Norwegian charts. At the end of 2022, they had three different songs on Spotify’s top 50 list in Sweden. The duo will perform “Raggen går” for the second time during Melodifestivalen’s semi-final on March 4th, hoping to get one out of four desired spots in the Grand Final.

We got to meet Elov & Beny in Gothenburg, right after their performance and got to ask them a few questions:

Hey Elov and Beny, how do you feel now after your live performance?
We feel pumped and excited. The first rehearsal with live audience was already so cool. It was a great audience and we had so much fun with them. We were very nervous ahead of the live show but Gothenburg really showed up and we are so happy right now!

I hope you were able to let out all the nervousness on stage!
Oh yes, we can always let out everything on stage! Well, not everything 😉
But we absolutely gave 100% and all the energy we have. We don’t hold anything back!

You are competing against seven other acts, so who do you think is your biggest competition?
All of them of course! But we think everyone who participated in Melodifestivalen before has a good chance. Tone Sekelius and Jon Henrik Fjällgren were our biggest competition in Deltävling 1, because they have a lot of experience in performing. And that probably helps them a lot because the viewers already know them. Same with Victor Crone, who is also very talented and popular and a big competitor in the Semi-Final.  

Where do you see yourself among all the other acts?
Beny: Hmm… Somewhere in the middle maybe…
Elov: Well, no… On the top actually 😉

You have been together since 2008, so how come you only debut at Melodifestivalen this year?
We represent EPA Dunk, which is a genre in Sweden that has really blown up this summer and we think it would be so much fun to have EPA Dunk in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. We want to bring the rugged kind of music to the festival. Now is the right time!

How did you feel when you found out that you were going to the semi-final?
Incredible! We were very happy and we didn’t have a clue if we would go through. Of course we hoped for it but we didn’t expect it. But it’s nice to go there with Victor Crone, as he’s a really nice guy as well so we are looking forward to go to Örnsköldsvik with him.

What are you doing in between Heat 1 and the Semi Final?
For now we’re celebrating! We took a beer and some champagne and enjoyed the after party!

Thank you so much guys, and good luck for the semi-final!

Watch Elov & Beny’s performance of “Raggen går” in Gothenburg here:

In case you want to support Elov & Beny ahead of the semi-final, you can also vote for them in our poll:

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