Let 3’s golden tractor leaves for Liverpool!

The winners of DORA 2023, and the Croatian entrants for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, Let 3 have finished their promo tour around Europe in all of the promo concerts. Now the guys are starting to get ready for Liverpool, and they are ready to hit the road – in their Golden Tractor!

The lead singer of Let 3, Damir Martinović Mrle, stated that they are going to be using roads and teleportation in order to get to Liverpool with their Golden Tractor, and they are starting this trip on the 24th of April at 20:30 from Croatia. Currently the guys are busy with preparations and meditations, and they are getting ready fight everything wrong in the world with their Golden Tractor, which, as the guys say, leads to a golden future.

The guys of Let 3 also added:

ŠČ is ammunition of positive energy, its je municija pozitivne energije, its effect is cathartic, it does not kill but restores. We will protect you with the power of ŠČ.

Photo: Promo / Dallas Records

Whether true, or maybe not so true, as the above map indicates, Let 3 will start their trip to Liverpool from Crekvina through Rijeka, Zagreb and the village of Islam Latinski in Croatia. Next stop is going to be Belgrade, followed by Bucharest and Chisinau. They will cross over to Ukraine (or teleport – this is not entirely clear) to Odesa, Mariupol, Kharkiv and Kyiv (now you see why we said this is maybe not so true), and over to Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen. After a quick de-tour in Warsaw, the guys will continue on to Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, cross over to London, and finally Liveprool.

What is definitely true is that Let 3 will represent Croatia in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool with “Mama ŠČ!”. Give their song a listen right here, and check out what our public reviewers said about this song below.

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