ABBA release statement about Eurovision 2024

With Loreen’s historic seventh Eurovision win for Sweden on Saturday, many Eurofans are already looking ahead to what Eurovision 2024 may look like. Most have their hopes riding on another historic event happening at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest – the return of ABBA!

Most readers of ESCBubble already know that ABBA won the 19th Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, United Kingdom in 1974, thus making the 2024 Contest the 50th anniversary of ABBA’s win and international breakthrough.

While fans might call this a ‘dream come true’, ABBA’s spokesperson Görel Hanser has another term: “wishful thinking”.

Hanser wrote to SVT after Loreen’s victory and had this to say about a possible ABBA Eurovision appearance,

“There are no such plans! […] Definitely wishful thinking from fans. No such plans exist!! Clear denial!”

The last time Björn, Benny, Agnetha, and Anni-Frid “Frida” performed together officially, was for a TV show in the UK back in 1982! Since then, the foursome have barely been seen in public together. Some 34 years later in 2016, they reunited on stage for an impromptu performance of Me and I at a private gala in Sweden.

Most recently, they appeared together to launch ABBA Voyage in London last May.

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  1. Srephen Grayson says

    Abba did not perform “Me and I ” in 2016. Agnetha & Frida sang “The Way Old Friends Do” which incudes the lyrics “You and I….” to Benny & Bjorn at an event celebrating the fact that the two of them had met 50 years earlier. Pror to this in 1986 the four members of Abba performed a song in a video shown for a programme about Stig Anderson’s life on Swedish television.

  2. Samson says

    I would sincerely love Abba to enter the competition. I was a young boy when I used to hear their music.recently I heard Agnetha singing with Gary Barlow mind blowing

  3. William Michael says

    I’ve loved ABBA since they won Eurovision in 1974, when I was 12yrs old, I’ve never seen them in concert, although I’ve got a very happy memory from June 2022, when my daughter bought us all tickets for the wonderful gig in London, it was awesome, I was full of happy tears,as I’m 61yrs old now with early onset Alzheimer’s diagnosed two years ago, so I’m trying to store memories before my brain turns to mush, thanks ABBA for all the memories, I’d loved to have met you all someday xxxx blessings from Glasgow X

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