Here is ESCBubble’s prediction of Eurovision 2023 Top 5

The big night is finally here, and just in a few hours we get to know who is the winner of Eurovision 2023! What an amazing Eurovision season this has been, we’ve had so many great national selections and the best Eurovision week in Liverpool. At this point, I have to give a big thanks to The UK and Ukraine for doing such an amazing job hosting Eurovision 2023! 

Now that the Grand Final of Eurovision 2023 is just about to start, our team members have shared their predictions of the final results of the contest. 11 members of ESCBubble team gave their predictions of the Top 5, giving their number 1 12 points, number 2 10 points, number 3 8 points, number 4 7 points and finally number 5 6 points. According to our team, the battle is between two Nordic countries, Sweden and Finland. Both countries received over 100 points from our team, and the third place was far behind from the Top 2. This is our team’s prediction of the results:

  1. Sweden 118 points
  2. Finland 114 points 
  3. France 48 points
  4. Italy 38 points
  5. Ukraine 37 points

So our team thinks we’ll see you next year in Sweden. Maybe in Stockholm or in Malmö? Or is Finland going to take the trophy and will the contest be held in Tampere or Turku?

Also our readers have had the chance to vote for their favorites in our poll, and according to the poll results, our readers think the Top 5 is the following:

  1. Finland 619 votes
  2. France 306 votes
  3. Sweden 263 votes
  4. Croatia 208 votes
  5. Germany 199 votes

Who do YOU think is going to take the trophy tonight and where the contest is held next year? Let us know in comments or our social media channels!

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