Shock Or Mock? ESCBubble reviews the live performances looks!

After seeing the outfits the artists pulled out for the opening ceremony, we took a look at what they wore for their live performances. And yes, here too were shocked. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse and sometimes for the worst of all. Let’s see who made us scream from how beautiful they were and who made us regret we are even seeing them!



Looking at it in a zoom-out, Albania played wisely choosing black for all of the performers and it’s a rather safe choice even with some additions in grey for the male performers. Albina’s outfit is a subject in itself. Her corset with the very loose pants and the cape in addition to the stones and metallic pieces attached to her corset give her a very fierce and royal look with a nice twist as well as an hommage to her country and culture.


Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU



Don’t get me wrong. Many of us want to look young and everything and some of us even spend a lot of money on it. That’s the only good thing in Reiley’s look. The pink outfit with all these sequins and the heart-shaped hole in his jacket and trousers just don’t work. The performance could have gotten a different outfit and it would have surely worked better.


Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU



I’ve never seen a queen wearing a velvet corset with golden accessories and a black cape. But this one just looks great! I loved the twist done on royal clothes here and Alessandra seems to rock the outfit the same way she did with her opening ceremony dress.


Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU



Just like the performance, Croatia seems to have some very crazy outfits that don’t necessarily please anyone’s eyes. No problem with men in dresses, but at least make it fit. And also the performance in underwear isn’t pleasing to anyone. If the performance is a crazy show, the outfits are one big shit show.


Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU



From a very bad outfit for the carpet to a very good-looking outfit for the live performance. The red and white with her one-shoulder top with this beautiful sleeve gives Blanca Paloma a beautiful full look on stage.


Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU



The Finnish song is great. But then the outfit just seems a bit too much even for Eurovision. It’s far from being the worst one in history but the whole top isn’t to my taste. This doesn’t contribute to the total look much as it makes it look even worse. At least they have a good performance.


Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU



He did it on the red carpet and he does it again. Although it looks like the black version of his opening ceremony outfit, Andrew nails it once again. Black fits him well and his sleeveless top with his muscular arms and a deep cleavage with his muscular chest looks perfect.


Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU



Did anyone order a wannabe Marilyn Monroe in a red dress? Because we have one right here. And no, it’s not the high-quality one. This red dress looks bad, and the hair as well. And to be honest, in the same way, I am having a hard time understanding how it qualified, I am having a harder time understanding how she was allowed to go on stage with this outfit.


Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU



Ok, it’s not the first time we see Marco performing in a sleeveless top. But from a full black outfit in Sanremo to an outfit with multiple stones sewn into the top and a part of his trousers, this is a whole different game. I don’t get to see many men’s designs with stones, let alone this quantity. But this one is a masterpiece. Never have I ever thought a man could wear this type of outfit and still look as good as this.


Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU



Two things shook the internet the day after SF1. The qualifiers (Obviously) and the Irish outfits, specifically the golden jumpsuit. The outfits in general look like they were made for Eurovision. I mean no one would wear this to the office or a night out right? But then the golden jumpsuit… Why? Why did anyone think that looking like some party boy from the 70s would be a good idea? I mean we all saw how bad it was on his body. And yes, you know what I’m talking about. Bad performance, bad outfits… Somebody clearly doesn’t want to host the contest next year.


Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU


I hope you enjoyed this review with us! What do you think of today’s outfits? Tell us in the comments below!

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