Shock Or Mock? ESCBubble reviews the turquoise carpet looks!

Oh Eurovision… It started as a music contest with an aim to bring Europe together after the war and it turned into one big party for everyone from Europe and abroad. But what’s a party without some good outfits? Ok. Not ALL of the outfits will look good. I know. Some will look really bad and some will be as boring as it gets. But still. And if we mentioned some outfits, let us take a look on some of the outfits from yesterday’s turquoise carpet!



You can call her queen of kings, queen of queens, queen of whatever you feel like. One thing I can call her is queen of style! Alessandra slayed this look a million percent. We saw endless amount of black dresses throughout the history of the contest. And still, this dress along with its cleavage, shape and the way it fits Alessandra just makes it look twenty times better. Paired with the hair and the crown we got the chance to see a real life princess on that carpet. Amazing outfit!

Credit: Corrine Cumming/EBU



Remember when I said that not all the outfits will look good? I was talking mostly about Loreen. This whole look gives me “I woke up late and left home asap” kinda vibes or the “I got to work after a long weekend at the club”. Neither of them is good. The hair, the dress (?) and the shoes simply dont work together. The hair looking wet seems like a last minute thingy for the kind of days where you have a bad hair day. The dress looks like something used which at best can be worn at home. The shoes deserve a topic by themselves. White shoes are a go-to footwear for many looks in many variations. Sneakers, flats, heels… You name it. But these platforms are so cheap looking and bold they simply don’t work. Not in this case or any case. One thing I know is that Loreen will do very well on stage comparing to this look. I mean she can’t do worse than this. Can she?


Credit: Corrine Cumming/EBU



Maybe a bit too early for confessions but I simply have to. I was supposed to wear something similar not long ago but dropped it last minute as I feared it won’t look good on me. But this was far from being the case for Andrew! The twist on the traditional suit here along with the sleeveless belted blazer is beautiful. It gives the full look a much younger and much more fresh way of approaching outfits for such event. Paired with the shoes and purple sunglasses it makes Andrew stand out while still looking very good and very unique.

Credit: Corrine Cumming/EBU



Ok. So this contest had an Irish turkey, an israeli chicken and one parrot inspired dress. And then we have Romania bringing us a Zebra. This outfit just mocks it all. It mocks the person who wears it, the people in the event and even itself. Animal prints were a thing and they are coming back again. But coming to an opening ceremony wearing such a jacket as your whole outfit just seems wrong to me. And no, the shoes don’t save the situation. They are bad too.

Credit: Corrine Cumming/EBU



When people talk about a top and a skirt that’s probably not what comes to people’s mind. And it’s simply magnificent. The fact the top isn’t just a simple top but a more complex and structured top gives the whole outfit life and it takes it out of the boredom zone to a much better dimension where the dresses manages to drop some jaws. Love the look!

Credit: Corrine Cumming/EBU



I wasn’t expecting this from Blanca Paloma. Her stage outfit looks really good. But this outfit really let me down. It’s all over the place, too loud and also a bit pointless. The backing vocalists have much better outfits tho and deserve a little heads up.

Credit: Corrine Cumming/EBU



Yes. Another guy with no sleeves. But let’s face it. Marco looks great! This might not be the go-to look when we speak of such type of events (Let alone when it’s streamed to millions around the world). But it simply looks stunning. A bit edgy, a bit stiff, more like a look I would pull out to go out to the club rather than to an opening ceremony tbh. And still the fact it’s so far away from expected without it being too extreme or camp just works for Marco.

Credit: Corrine Cumming/EBU



France is world known for its luxury brands and fashion. But La Zarra missed the point. The whole outfit looks more like something out of a fantasy book or Alice in Wonderland rather than Eurovision’s opening ceremony. The dress itself looks like one big chess board. France had some better outfits to pull out that’s for sure.

Credit: Corrine Cumming/EBU


San Marino

These outfits aren’t bad as much as they are messy. Snake print on two out of four outfits with no real connection between them. A transparent shirt for the third artist and a suit which gives some stylish pyjama vibes for the fourth. Not the worst dressed (Hi Loreen!) but still not a good one.

Credit: Corrine Cumming/EBU



So Noa Kirel teamed up with Alon Livne to create her the stage outfit but also the opening ceremony one. He certainly didn’t fail the stage outfit. Same goes for this look. We can discuss how similar Noa and Brunette’s looks are (B*tch stole my look?). But I see them each as a creation by itself. Noa looked as good and as glamorous as possible and it gave us all a few minutes of pure beauty on screen. Well done Noa! Well done Alon!

Credit: Corrine Cumming/EBU

I hope you enjoyed this review with us! What do you think of today’s outfits? Tell us in the comments below! Don’t forget to tune in to our next “Shock Or Mock?” article as we review the outfits worn on the live performances



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