Albina releases new single “Grad sve zna”

After an already successful year with two Top 20 singles in her home country, 2021’s Croatian Eurovision representative Albina Grčić is keeping her creative streak going with the brand new song Grad sve zna (The town knows everything).

The single is produced by Hrovje Domazet, who’s also worked with Dora winners Roko Blažević and Damir Kedžo, and Đana Smajo. The beat borrows from the old school EDM and House sound from the likes of Darude and Sash!, while the lyrics speak of the pride of having moved on from a relationship and not looking back: “I know I’ll be better off without us / So don’t look for me when you’re weak / You know how to give up, I know it best”. The 24-year-old singer-songwriter does admit, however, the lyrics are open to interpretation:

“Although I typically find inspiration in both personal and other people’s experiences, I always like leaving out some room for the listeners to interpret the meanings of the song for themselves […] The theme of the song is quite universal, and as such I think many people will identify with it and/or relate to it […] I also believe that – depending on diverse personal experiences- the same verse will come to have a different meaning for each listener. From my personal point of view, Grad sve zna is introducing a new and powerful kind of energy that brings to the surface a completely different version of me.”

(Albina Grčić, speaking to Universal Music Croatia)

The music video, released on 2nd June, was directed by Luka Matković & Ana Cindrić, and was trending on YouTube in Croatia a few hours after its release. Albina said the video showcases the themes of “girl power and self-awareness”.

Albina began her career after appearing on the Croatian adaptation of The Voice, where she finished third. She first became known to Eurofans after winning Dora 2021 with only her second ever single, the upbeat dance track Tick-Tock. Despite the song’s popularity, she failed to qualify from the first semi-final, despite finishing in the top 10 with both the juries and the public individually, the only artist in the history of Eurovision with this dubious distinction.


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