Pesma Za Evroviziju First Finalists and Running Order Revealed

The first semi final of Pesma Za Evroviziju 2024 has just finished and we now have the first eight finalists. A total of 14 acts competed in tonight’s Semi Final, and a mix of jury votes and televoting decided on which eight will proceed to the Grand Final that will take place on Saturday. The eight qualifiers are (in announcement order):

  • Hristina – Bedem
  • Lena Kovacevic – Zovi Me Lena
  • M.IRA – Percepcija
  • Bojana & David – No No No
  • Breskvica – Gnezdo Orlovo
  • Marko Mandić – Dno
  • Keni Nije Mrtav – Dijamanti
  • Zorja – Lik u ogledalu

They have drawn the following running order slots for the final on Saturday. The current running order looks like this:

  1. Qualifier from Semi 2
  2. Qualifier from Semi 2
  3. Breskvica – Gnezdo orlovo
  4. Qualifier from Semi 2
  5. Hristina – Bedem
  6. Marko Mandić – Dno
  7. M.IRA – Percepcija
  8. Qualifier from Semi 2
  9. Qualifier from Semi 2
  10. Keni nije mrtav – Dijamanti
  11. Zorja – Lik u ogledalu
  12. Qualifier from Semi 2
  13. Qualifier from Semi 2
  14. Bojana x David – No No No
  15. Lena Kovačević – Zovi me Lena
  16. Qualifier from Semi 2

The second semi final will take place on Thursday evening, and ESCBubble will once again take you through the entire show in our live blog.

Did your favourite make it through tonight? Let us know in the comment section below, or on our social media pages.

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