ECTO: ‘I like to experiment with sounds and noise in my music’

The Latvian national final, Supernova 2024 is here, and we had a chance to get to know another artist, the young and talented ECTO, who really looks forward to perform Saturday evening to win the chance to perform on Eurovision stage in Malmö!

Read our interview with ECTO below with love:

First of all, how would you introduce yourself for our readers, who is ECTO, what do we need to know about your music?

Hello ESC Bubble readers! My name’s ECTO, I’m a 21 year old musician from Liepaja, Latvia. I have a background in academic music, but I’ve been releasing popular music since May of last year, when I published my debut EP “Waves”. I like to experiment with sounds and noise in my music and I’m excited to try out even more new styles of music in the future!

Your song in Supernova 2024 is called “Outsider”. Can you give us an insight about the song, what was the inspiration behind it?
“Outsider” is generally about feelings of solitude and alienation, but at the same time a kind of freedom you can gain within such feelings. I would say that the inspiration for the song wasn’t any specific event, more like simply my feelings and emotions in life.

You already had one performance with Outsider in the semi final of Supernova, and successfully qualified to the final. Did you enjoy the show, and how did you feel when you got to know the results?

Participating in the Supernova semi final was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure to be part of. Honestly, it was fantastic, everyone was super friendly and it was a surreal feeling to see my song on the big stage, with the cameras, lights and everything. When the hosts announced I had made it to the final, I was over the moon 🙂 Both me and everyone on my team were super happy and excited that we can perform again in the final!

Tell us a littlebit about the staging and your peformance to your song.
My staging is pretty dark in tone, it features a parkour athlete and, of course, my awesome backing vocalists. Overall, for the final, we’re keeping the concept, but making some adjustments to some of the ways the parkour athlete moves, as well as tightening up some camera angles.

How do you prepare for the final, are there anything you would pay more attention to in your performance?

For the final I’m going to be paying more attention to my vocals, me and my vocal coach have been working this week, doing exercises specifically for this song, so I think it’s going to be good!

Do you have any rituals before going on the stage?

Before the performance we formed a circle and did this chant, where I say “hau” and everyone repeats it.

Winning Supernova would mean you can represent Latvia in Eurovision. What would it mean to you if it happened?
Winning Supernova would be fantastic, participating in Eurovision is one of my biggest dreams, it would be superb if it could come true. Moreover, I think, with my song, we could potentially finally bring Latvia to the final 🙂

Do you have a favourite Latvian or non-Latvian Eurovision entry from all time?
I’d say my two favorite Latvian entries ever are Walter’s & Kazha’s “The War is not Over” and Aminata’s “Love Injected”.

And one last more, do you have a message for ESC Bubble readers and Latvia fans?
Thank you, dear ESC Bubble readers for reading this! Hope you’ll tune in this Saturday to the Supernova final, see you there! 🙂


ECTO also has a special shoutout to Liepājas kompleksā sporta skola, he is very thankful, that his team could use the building for their rehearsals! Thank you very much!

Dear ECTO, we wish you the best of luck for the final!


Don’t forget to tune in for the final of Supernova this Saturday!

You can watch the performance of ECTO from the semifinal of Supernova 2024 here:

Do you like the song of ECTO? Or you have other favourite of Supernova 2024? Let us know in the comments below and on our social media pages!

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