Silvester Belt: ‘That’s what I love about music, that we can all adapt it to our own personal stories’

Lithuanian national selection’s final just few days away. And we had an amazing opportunity to talk with Silvester Belt who is one of the most favorites to win this selection.

So who is Silvester? How did his song come about? Please read on below to find out everything you need to know.

This is your first time at Lithuanian national selection, so you’ll be reaching lots of new fans! Please tell us about yourself as an artist – your story, favourite genres of music, anything that will help us to get to know you.

It is indeed my first time participating. I am beyond excited, and thank you for reaching out. I don’t think we have enough time for my whole story haha, but long story short: since I was a little boy, I would sing in front of a TV, pretending I’m standing there performing. My parents decided I should go to a music school when I was just 4. I have studied music ever since,  and eventually graduated in music performance in London. I’ve always been rather shy, but I’ve come a long way since then. With that, my favourite music genres changed dramatically. Even though my own music and my looks wouldn’t suggest that- I’m a raver at heart. So techno/house/drum n bass is mainly what I’d listen to myself. But the music I write is electronic pop and it is also changing and progressing with every song I release.

Your song in is called “Luktelk”. Can you tell us about the meaning of the song, what was the inspiration behind it?

I wrote “Luktelk” with two very talented songwriters, and to each one of us, this song has a slightly different meaning. That’s what I love about music, that we can all adapt it to our own personal stories. To me personally, this song is about being stuck in this kinda Matrix loop. When we get stuck in our everyday tasks that repeat everyday-  we can’t tell anymore whether we are in a dream, or in another dimension. It’s about generally not being happy, and only existing on the surface and it isn’t working anymore. The bridge part of the song ends on the lines ‘I don’t wanna dance anymore, but I got to dance’, and then it goes to this dance break on the performance, which is ironic. At the end of the day, we will wake up tomorrow and will still have to dance won’t we? 🙂

Your song’s co-writer is one of the most famous singers in Lithuania, Jessica Shy. How did you come to work together, how did you meet her?

Jessica is definitely from another dimension. I hope Europe will be able to appreciate her genius brain one day. We are signed with the same amazing label. That’s how we met and became friends. We sometimes write songs together, and one day during one of our sessions, we decided to write a song for my Eurovision entry.

How do you prepare for the final of, have you any more ideas to add to your performance?

It’s taking some time for me to recover after the semi-final, it’s been a very stressful though exciting time putting this performance together. We are now feeling refreshed and already started preparing for the final. I was not the happiest regarding some things in our initial performance. We are perfecting every little detail, so we could be completely proud of the final result.

Winning would mean you can represent Lithuania in Eurovision. What would it mean to you if it happened? And what would be your message to Europe?

Obviously, that would be such an honour. I mean watching this contest as a kid, I would have never imagined that, and here we are now. It is bizarre. It would definitely be one of the main highlights of my career, for sure. I’m sure it would also inspire certain people in Lithuania that don’t feel like they fit very well in this country sometimes. My message to Europe.. Well, I would invite people to escape their everyday loopholes and keep dancing through their struggles, especially when the sun is not shining when they wake up in the morning. *Pun intended*

Also, what do you think makes a song a winning one when trying to appeal to both the public and juries?

That is the question isn’t it haha! If someone had the recipe, the whole thing would make no sense. I think the main factor in winning is just creating your own recipe rather than following someone else’s. Sometimes it’s all just a random set of events. The most important thing for me is being sure you are doing it for the right reasons, and then it kinda eliminates the need to win just for the sake of it. You win so much more if you stay true to yourself. The public and juries then either agrees with your recipe or they don’t. If you try to please them, then it’s not authentically you anymore.

What is your favourite Lithuanian entry in Eurovision? And what is your all time favourite Eurovision song?

I don’t have ‘favourite’ things.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you too!

Check out Silvester Belt’ entry in this year’s – “Luktelk” right here below:

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