This is ESCBubble’s winner of Melodi Grand Prix 2024

After three semi finals, held over the last few weeks, the Norwegian public selected 9 acts to compete in tonight’s final of NRK’s Melodi Grand Prix 2024. They may have cleared the first hurdle at NRK Studios in Oslo, but tonight, these 9 acts will take their songs to the 12,000-capacity Trondheim Spektrum, hoping to win over both the international juries and the public, whose votes will be combined 40-60 to determine who will win Norway’s ticket to Malmö in May.

From the moment all 9 finalists were known, we asked you to let us know which of them are YOUR personal favorites. So far, you’ve voted over 1,000 times, and at the moment of writing this article, the current standings are as follows:

  1. Gåte – Ulveham (25%)
  2. KEiiNO – Damdiggida (21%)
  3. Super Rob & Erika Norwich – My AI (13%)
  4. Gothminister – We Come Alive (11%)
  5. Margaret Berger – Oblivion (9%)
  6. MIIA – Green Lights (7%)
  7. Annprincess – Save Me (6%)
  8. Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo – Judge Tenderly of Me (5%)
  9. Ingrid Jasmin – Eya (4%)

Our team members also listened to the 9 finalists, and voted. This is our team’s result:

  1. Super Rob & Erika Norwich – My AI
  2. Gothminister – We Come Alive
  3. KEiiNO – Damdiggida
  4. MIIA – Green Lights
  5. Gåte – Ulveham
  6. Ingrid Jasmin – Eya
  7. Margaret Berger – Oblivion
  8. Annprincess – Save Me
  9. Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo – Judge Tenderly of Me

While Gåte were far-and-away the public’s favourite with Ulveham (even with the last-minute change to their song lyrics), the team only ranked them 5th, favouring Super Rob and Erika Norwich’s ode to AI. Combined, they’re out on top, followed by 2019 representatives KEiiNO, with Gåte and the brooding Gothminister also in the vanguard. With a slight skew in favour of the public vote at MGP, this will probably come down to whoever has the most memorable and polished TV performance tonight.

You still have time to cast your vote for YOUR favorite act, as our poll is going to close at the end of tonight’s show:

[democracy id=260]

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