Y-Limit: “My song is a warning from a person of the future!”

We conclude our series of Moldavian interviews with Roman, better known as Y-Limit, who has made the Grand Final of Etapa Nationala 2024 with the song “REVOLUTION”. Ahead of his live performance this Saturday, we had the chance to catch up with Roman, to talk about his song and the upcoming show.

Hello Roman. Thank you for joining us!

First of all, what should those readers, who are not familiar with you yet, know about you?

Y-Limit stands for – Why Limit? Be. Create
I may not have the largest vocal range, but I’m true to my inner child and keep on making music because I cannot not do it.
And all my songs, and their mix of genres, are a reflection of my journey through life. And maybe, what I do – resonates with people all around the world.

Quick Facts:
I’m a songwriter before a producer, DJ, or Singer.
Born in Moldova, living in New York.
Y-Limit stands for – Why Limit? Be. Create.

Who are your musical influences and inspirations?
– Sting
– 3 Sud Est
– Pharrell Williams

And many, many more …

What has been your best experience with music so far?
Being able to tune into that mysterious channel, state of mind, where music flows and comes right through you.
When you can’t stop until it’s done and then you wonder – how the *** did I write this?

What was your motivation to enter Moldova’s national selection?
To bring Eurovision to Moldova.

How did you feel when you knew that you made it to the final of Etapa Nationala?
Happy and reassured that I’m on the right track.

Could you explain the meaning of your song “Revolution” – How was it created?
A message from a person of the future (half cyber, half human). A warning for us to, maybe, take a step back and look around us, to be more aware of our own doings. That if we, as species, don’t become more considerate towards one another and continue as recklessly chasing foolish objectives, we’ll end up extinct, and a new type of people will take over – smarter, faster, stronger, and all of the good adjectives with ER suffix. But maybe it’s inevitable and it will be a revolution before things change for better, regardless.
(The initial demo of the song was created about 8 years ago. But I guess its time has finally come.)

Have you followed Eurovision in the past? Do you consider yourself a fan of it?
Yes, I’m quite a fan of Eurovision. I like discovering new music, new artists. And examine the beautiful show that gets better and better each year.

If yes, do you have some favorite songs?

Absolutely! How many may I name?

– Maro  “Saudade”
– Mahmoud “Soldi”
– Loreen “Euphoria” (Of course)
– Zdob si Zdub “Boonika Bate Tare”
– Marco Mengoni “Due Vite”

Finally, what is a message you would like to spread to our readers from all over the world?
Kindness and open mind towards our differences. And love for our similarities. We’re in it all together.

P.S. Why limit? Be. Create.

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