Greta Tude Refused To Form Part Of The Maltese Jury Due To EBU Decisions And Israeli Inclusion

Two time MESC participant Greta Tude refused to form part of the Maltese Jury citing the Israeli participation behind her decision.

On an Instagram story earlier today, she explained her decision to not give her scores due to the questionable decisions taken – predominantly due to the inclusion of Israel in the contest.

“Earlier this year, I was approached to be a judge at the contest. Whilst this was always a huge dream of mine… I couldn’t in good conscience go forward with it. Throughout the year I believed the EBU would do the right thing and eliminate the country that has ended so many lives and put many others in danger. But the closer we got to the big week, the more I realised that this wasn’t going to happen.”

Furthermore, Greta Tude claims that many decisions from the EBU around the rules of the contest did not represent the true sentiment of Eurovision.

“All that was going on in Malmö was absolutely abhorrent. There was a famous incident about [Joost Klein’s] disqualification, but there was much more… the winner having to smuggle in their non-binary flags as this was against what the EBU wanted. Palestinian flags taken away from fans and then threatened to be sent out of the shows, clap tracks to hide the massive uproar in the audience. I personally think boycotting and silencing yourself doesn’t make your voice heard.”

About the contest going forward, Greta Tude says:

“I hope that the EBU realise what’s happened this year and make necessary changes and shifts in the team. Eurovision with no fans is no Eurovision. I hope to see them take the steps towards improvement and make this contest the same one we always loved.”

Out of 36 countries, Israel only received points from 11 jury groups – with Malta being one of them. Israel received three points from the Maltese jury made up of Cyprian Cassar, Matthew Mercieca, Paul Anthony Abela, Gail Attard and Haley Azzopardi. The latter two members were also MESC participants in 2024.

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