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Svala releases her new song!

Icelandic singer Svala has released brand new single "Sjálfbjarga" it means self-sufficient and it is her first song which has the role of announcing her new EP. Her new song has synth beats and a lovely vocal it brings a very special

Your New Music selection from ESCBubble!

Your ESCBubble team has once again had its magnifying glass out across social media, hunting down any new release it can find.  We've checked both former Eurovision entrants and National Final contenders, and as always we have a great…

ESCBubble’s new music catchup

It’s been pretty quiet on the new release schedule lately, so this week we’re giving you a fortnight’s worth of fresh material from Eurovision and National Final artists.  ESCBubble’s editors have hunted high and low for some songs to fill…

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