Emi Bogdo talks to us about her participation in Festivali i Kenges

Emi Bogdo will participate in 2nd semi final of Festivali i Kenges this year. This young singer will try for the third time to reach the top. Her first attempt to represent Albania in Eurovision was in December 2008, when she had her debut at Festivali i Kenges with “Kur buzët hënën e kafshojn” and finished 17th in the final. She was back two years later, but failed to qualify to the final with “Letër për ty”. Could it be her third time lucky? This year Emi will sing “”Një femër” composed by Florian Zyka and Lambert Jorganxhi.

We had the pleasure to chat with Emi about her third participation in Festivali i Kenges. Check out everything she told us in the interview below:

  • Hi Emi! How are your rehearsals going? What do you think about your cooperation with orchestra and RTSH team?

Yesterday was the first try we had in linking the song to the orchestra. I didn’t think we could properly match since the beginning. I’m pleased by this collaboration because I’m working with a very skilled orchestra which has participated in various festivals. They’re professionals ongoing tries will be even better. We’ll master the song.

  • Can you tell us more about your song “Nje femer”?

The song “A woman” is a ballad that beyond melodies and written verses, it conveys emotions. It is about the woman’s inner battle between love and the spiritual suffering.

  • Do you have any ideas about your stage performance in the Festival already?

I haven’t decided the details yet, but of course I have some ideas which will be implemented in order to.

  • Have you heard any of the other songs from this year’s festival? Who is your main competitor?

In this actual phase it is prohibited to listen to our colleagues songs. I’ll have this opportunity during the last week of rehearsals.

  • You have participate in Festivali i Kenges twice already. What do you think about this festival? Is this the good way to choose the Eurovision participant? 

I participated twice in the this festival, but I didn’t know when next time would have been, because my participation this year was simply by chance. I was offered to participate with this ballad which I couldn’t refuse because it was a love at first sight. I like this festival because it is a vivid one. The songs challenge each other, and this is a real competition and an event which can absolutely represent Albania in Eurovision. 

  • Is there anything you would like to change in the formula of Festivali i Kenges?

I would like to add the public evaluation as well, and in this case added to the jury assessment and both parties rate the songs.

  • Are you a Eurovision fan? Which Albanian song from Eurovision do you like the most?

I like Eurovision but I can’t say I’m a fan.There are two songs which in my opinion have represented Albania in best way : Rona Nishliu “Suus” and Juliana Pasha “It’s all about you”.

  • Finally, do you have any message for the readers of ESCbubble who will be watching Festivali i Kenges online?

The only message I have is to tell our public to follow this year’s festival because unlike previous year’s, this time there are well-known artists who participate. I think it will be a beautiful and tough competition.

  • Thank you very much Emi, and we wish you the best of luck in Festivali i Kenges!

Give a listen to Emi’s last try at Festivali i Kenges – “Letër për ty”:


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