More Drama in Malta as Six Chair Challenge Continues

This week we watch as the second category takes to the fearsome Six Chair Challenge on Malta’s Eurovision 2020 artist selection show ‘X Factor Malta‘. Last week we saw a dramatic night for the girls, as their numbers were more than halved ahead of judges houses.

Up tonight is Howard Keith Debono with his groups. Most of them were formed at Bootcamp so it will be interesting to see how their dynamics have changed and who will be able to keep the all-important seat by the end of the evening!

First to perform is the first of the numerous Bootcamp-formed girl groups. Level 3 (made up of Hayley Azzopardi, Michela Abdilla and Ilenia Camilleri) performing a mash-up of two songs titled Say My Name‘, by Destiny’s Child & David Guetta. The Destiny’s Child part definitely needed some work and the vocals didn’t work great together, but they entertained with dance moves & the David Guetta section which was way better. The judges weren’t sold, with Ray & Alex in particular not loving the girls, however they net chair number one!

Up next; D-Vision, consisting of soloists Isaac Mercieca and Miguel Bonello. Both boys made it to this stage last year in the Boys category but unfortunately weren’t able to advance to this round after auditioning again this year. Being honest, it does just feel like two soloists singing together as they both have their own unique sound, however their rendition of Jonas Brothers’ hit ‘Only Human‘ showed them in a good light which netted them chair number two!

Girl group Sweet Chaos were up next. The fourpiece, considering of Cora Elizabeth Lewis, Shannon McEvoy, Ludivine O’Toole and Louanne Ronayne, quickly made it clear that they did not come to play! Singing Lady Gaga/Beyonce epic ‘Telephone‘, you could tell they had a lot of fun with it and they really came together as a group. It wasn’t totally perfect, but the easiest decision of the night so far was to give them chair number three.

The next trio is Chord. For MESC national selection star Miriana Conte it looked like she was finally going to make it past Bootcamp as a soloist, after being put in to a group last year, however at the last second she was put in this group with Luana Gatt & Rhiannon Micallef. Singing Hamzaa’s ‘Breathing‘ with some of ‘One Kiss‘ thrown in … what a start to their time together as a group! It was their first performance together as a group and their voices blended together so well. A strong vocal harmony group – and they netted chair number four!

Another vocal harmony trio in Reign took to the stage next. Consisting of Chrissy Warrington, Rebecca Mifsud & Brenda DeBattista. Singing ‘The Sound of Silence‘ (unfortunately by Simon & Garfunkel, not Dami Im) they showed their ability to harmonise and the build from the song worked really well on the stage. They each had a chance to shine, and we have to commend Rebecca in particular for those heavenly high notes! The competition in the groups is definitely hotting up … as Reign take chair number five leaving just one more.

Duet Yazmin Helledie & James Mifsud are still complete and utter couple goals. Their Bootcamp performance was one of the best, and whilst their rendition of ‘Tell Me That You Love Me‘ by James Smith wasn’t the best performance of the night, their chemistry is complete and utter radiance. With a bit more tidying up of the harmonies, these two could easily be the Maltese Alex & Sierra and potentially win the whole thing. They sweep chair number six giving us a full house … for now!

Another girl group next … it’s 6Teen. Singers Maya Sesay, Sheriden Balzan and Shazay Grima took on David Guetta & Nicki Minaj’s hit ‘Hey Mama‘. Parts of this performance were REALLY good and other parts were a bit sketchy … credit where it’s due, they look awesome together and Maya takes the role of lead singer on very well. Her voice has so much power behind it! With the promise of some work, the girls take chair number one from Level 3.

Next up … Rewind Aca! They lost a member at the end of Bootcamp, but the three remaining men (Aaron Barbara, Anthiny Scinto and Chris Cassar) bring us a super fun performance of ‘Greased Lightning‘ from the musical Grease. At one point, they even rip their leather jackets off and I can confirm we were as shook as Ben Camille when they did this! It was a lot of fun, but ultimately Howard decided they were not the right for the X Factor and they were sent home. Make sure to check out their sizzling performance here;

One of the biggest names at the auditions was Ema Vella who many were shocked was put in to a group at the start of bootcamp. Partnered with Chanelle Zarb, Demi Galea and Megan Caruana singing Jessie J’s ‘Who’s Laughing Now‘ which is a BIG ask … and suddenly all of our doubts over the talent being put together in a group have gone because that was an absolutely incredible performance. Each girl sounded incredibly strong and the talent on that stage was flooring. Head and shoulders above every other group. They legitimately sound like they’ve been together their whole lives … Little Mix who? They take seat number one once again as 6Teen who only just sat down have to vacate their chair and head home.

Rebranded as Gemini, the only group that auditioned as a group, the duo performed a mash-up of dance tracks ‘Piece of Your Heart‘ and ‘All Day and Night‘. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a car crash and they didn’t make it through.

Last to perform was another duo – Bloodline – who despite their name have only just been formed of Julia Balzan & Samira Cauchi who gave a unique rendition of ‘Poker Face‘ by Lady Gaga. These girls gave another one of the best performances of the night and we love that you really get a sense of their artistry with each performance whilst still having fun. They deservedly get a seat … but who’s? A sing-off between D-Vision and Reign kicks off and ultimately the girls keep their seat after an extraordinary acapella performance of ‘Settle Down‘ – Chrissy sounded fantastic and they did very well to keep the harmonies throughout! Unfortunately, this meant Isaac & Miguel were sent home.

In a last minute plot twist, Maya Sesay the impressive lead from 6Teen was asked to join the four girls that don’t have a name. She accepted, meaning the six acts that made it though were:

  • Bloodline
  • Chord
  • Reign
  • Sweet Chaos
  • Yazmin & James
  • Girl Group without a name (ft. Ema, Megan, Demi, Chanelle & Maya)

Join us again next weekend for your one-stop guide for X Factor Malta as we lead in to the live shows! The winner will go on to represent Malta

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